Another week and my second bus journey to Burrator, getting a habit this!! Not the weather I wanted but this is a great route, with tors, historic monuments and old farms to keep you interested. The only hard climb is to Eylesbarrow otherwise it’s all fairly simple going.

Start – Burrator Reservoir
Route – Norsworthy BridgeSnappers TorDown TorCombshead TorEylesbarrowHigher Hartor TorDrizzlecombeEastern TorDitsworthy Warren HouseGutter Tor – Sheepstor village – Burrator Reservoir
Distance – 7 miles    Start time – 11.15am     Time taken – 4 1/4 hrs    Highest Point – Eylesbarrow 454m
Weather – Cloudy some brightness at the end
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Eylesbarrow 1

Down Tor, my first stop, from the road around Burrator

Eylesbarrow 2

Leather Tor in the sun from the climb to Down Tor

Eylesbarrow 2.5

Snappers Tor looking back to Burrator and Leather Tor right

Eylesbarrow 3

That must be Gutter Tor!!

Eylesbarrow 4

Looking behind Down Tor

Eylesbarrow 5

Combshead Tor with Eylesbarrow behind

Eylesbarrow 6

Unmistakable Sheeps Tor as I head from Combshead Tor

Eylesbarrow 7

Looking back towards Burrator reservoir from Combshead Tor

Eylesbarrow 8

Eylesbarrow summit

Eylesbarrow 9

Looking down along the grassy path to Higher Hartor Tor

Eylesbarrow 10

Higher Hartor Tor

Eylesbarrow 11

Looking down to Drizzlecombe with Ditsworthy Warren House in the trees in the distance. Bits of the River Plym can also been seen down there

Eylesbarrow 12

Giant’s Basin at Drizzlecombe

Eylesbarrow 13

The Bronze age Drizzlecombe Stone Row. This is the tallest menhir on Dartmoor at 4.5 metres tall

Eylesbarrow 14

Eastern Tor looking back to Higher Hartor Tor

Eylesbarrow 15

Hen Tor from Eastern Tor

Eylesbarrow 16

Ditsworthy Warren House below

Eylesbarrow 17

And the more traditional view of Ditsworthy Warren House

Eylesbarrow 18

Gutter Tor ahead

Eylesbarrow 19

War horses in front of Ditsworthy Warren House (in the trees). War Horse was filmed at this spot.

Eylesbarrow 20

Gutter Tor trig

Eylesbarrow 21

Sheeps Tor left from Gutter Tor

Eylesbarrow 22

The ‘Gutter’ on Gutter Tor!

Eylesbarrow 23

Sheeps Tor

Eylesbarrow 24

Sheeps Tor village and cross

Eylesbarrow 25

Back at Burrator Reservoir looking to Peek Hill, just the short walk from here to the bus stop at the dam


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