Duck’s Pool

Duck’s Pool was one of those places that I wanted to visit but didn’t know what it looked like or what to expect. I knew it would be boggy getting there, even with some ice on the ground. I would class this a bog rating 4 out of 5 especially the part from Great Gnats Head to Crane Hill. When I got there I was a little surprised, Duck’s Pool is not so much a pond, more a large boggy depression which could easily be missed, particularly in bad weather. However within minutes of arriving the sun came out, the flask came out and I spent one of the best 30 minutes I’ve had on Dartmoor, sitting with not a soul around, in silence. Stunning.

Start – Peat Cot
Route – Nun’s Cross FarmSiwards CrossEylesbarrowPlym FordGreat Gnats HeadDuck’s Pool – Plym Head – Crane Hill – Nun’s Cross Farm – Peat Cot
Distance – 5 1/2 miles    Start time – 10.15pm     Time taken – 4hrs    Highest Point – Crane Hill 471m
Weather – Started dull but sunny weather came at Duck’s Pool and stayed all the way back
Duck's pool map

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Duck's Pool 1

Looking over Whiteworks and Fox Tor Mires from the start of the walk

Duck's Pool 2

It’s all a bit grey at Nun’s Cross Farm

Duck's Pool 3

Siwards (Nun’s) Cross and the farm, Crane Hill behind

Duck's Pool 4

A fair few army groups walking through here today

Duck's Pool 5

Views down to Sheeps Tor left and Sharpitor right from Eylesbarrow

Duck's Pool 6

The winding Plym valley

Duck's Pool 7

Plym Ford, I crossed slightly upstream to save my feet getting wet!

Duck's Pool 8

The view again through the Plym Valley from Great Gnats Head this time

Duck's Pool 9

Great Gnats Head cairn, Sheeps Tor prominent to the right

Duck's Pool 10

Boggy!! I followed the quad bike tracks which took me in the direction of Duck’s Pool

Duck's Pool 11

Duck’s Pool

Duck's Pool 12

Duck’s Pool Lettebox

Duck's Pool 13

And the rock it sits in, a couple of yellow friends can be seen under the rock behind!

Duck's Pool 14

Sort of a pool! I had a sit here for a coffee and after 20 minutes or so began to appreciate the place, the solitude and the quiet. yes it isn’t the most picturesque place but it has a certain something

Duck's Pool 15

Just stunning in this weather

Duck's Pool 16

Looking back to Duck’s Pool

Duck's Pool 17

Tussocky, boggy and very tough walking to Crane Hill

Duck's Pool 18

North Hessary Tor and the mast

Duck's Pool 19

The source of the River Plym, Plym Head

Looking down the Plym Valley in the direction of Plymouth

Looking down the Plym Valley in the direction of Plymouth

Duck's Pool 21

Looking from Crane Hill with Nun’s Cross farm centre right

Looking north from Crane Hill

Looking north from Crane Hill

Duck's Pool 23

Could have stayed here all day, lovely

Duck's Pool 24

A much sunnier Nun’s Cross at the end of the walk

Duck's Pool 25

The view northwards from near the car looking over Fox Tor Mires