Wet and wild on Brent Tor

Brent Tor is just a short walk from the car park and as such it barely deserves a mention when it comes to distance travelled. However what it loses in in distance it makes up in drama and landscape. Its a fabulous tor, all the more spectacular that it has a cracking little church at its summit. The fact that its a bit out on its own and takes a bit of getting to, helps to keep it fairly quiet (unless there is a church service on). I’d go as far as to say that if you fancy completing my list of Dartmoor Tors, then this one is a good last one as it has everything you need to finish. An easy walk, benches to admire all you have done and some fantastic views. This walk for me today had me running for cover. I started out in blue skies, all be it with a stiff breeze. By the summit the wind was blowing and rain was heading in from the west. Foolishly I went for the car, I should have just stepped into the church!! It didn’t diminish the charm of this little tor however, more it gave me more reason to return.

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

The car park at the start looking west into Cornwall

Brent Tor and as it says on the sign the church of St Michael de Rupe

A smidge of a rainbow across the fields of West Devon

Last time I was here the views into Dartmoor were poor, now this is a bit better with all the tors around Great Links Tor in view

Further around, across the yellow grass of Gibbet Hill are the tors around Great Mis Tor to the right

Cox Tor on the right and Great Mis Tor in the centre and White Tor to the left

St Michael de Rupe

Lovely views

Err, hang on a minute, I’m sure I had a view of Great Links Tor a minute ago. That looks a bit grim over there

Bugger, that’s heading for me

Despite my best efforts I got a soaking, as you can see from the road now!! Still a fine walk and some lovely views


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