Brent Tor

This one was just a quick walk up to Brent Tor, over on the far west side of Dartmoor. It probably took us twice as long to drive here than it did to walk up, sit for a bit and walk back down. There is no distance to this one, but it is perfect for those evening lazy bimbles without requiring much effort. It helps if you’ve eaten too much for tea and you feel like a short walk will justify that last slice of pizza!! The weather was very warm, as it has been this week and we sweated and melted our way to the church at the top before sitting in the shade and enjoying the view. However, as those of you with teenage boys will know, the boys didn’t sit for long. They were jumping off walls, rolling down hills and finding doors that they shouldn’t. My youngest found a door in a bank on the eastern side of the church, opening it he found a generator, lots of water and plenty of snails on the door. I just shook my head. Typical boys. We headed back down not long after, before my eldest decided to act out his idea of climbing the gate in the church and ringing the bell. I guess not having their phones in their hands was having an affect on their brains and making it seek out stimulus!! Still it was a fine time on the top, the long distance views were a bit hazy but spending time in these places with these two is priceless.

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This walk isn’t far at all. The car park is behind me, then its through the gate and up to St Michael de Rupe church. 10 minutes at most, even with stopping for photos

On a clear day however you get to look at all the fine tors along the western side of Dartmoor. Brent Tor is separated a bit from the main part of the moor and gives great views to the east. In view here is Sourton Tor furthest left, then up over the Corn Ridge to Great Links Tor (the highest spot), Hare Tor is right of that

Further round it gets a bit hazy with White Tor and Cox Tor to the right here

North West I look over the Tamar valley towards Cornwall

St Michael du Rupe church

This one is normally open and is a very simple church, there is a gate behind me that my eldest wanted to climb to ring the bell

Looking south west now towards Kit Hill and its column

Into the sun which was setting to the west. Still well over 25 degrees at this point

Sunshine and clouds

Some clouds to the south behind the church

Great Links Tor zoomed in

The crags on Brent Tor

One last look west

All here for the selfie, Brent Tor behind and my youngest sporting the shirt of the league champions 2019/20 (I’ve done well to wait this long to mention it!!)

7 thoughts on “Brent Tor

  1. That church is in an unusual location. What’s the story?
    (P.s we might be opponents in Rugby League but we’re on the same side when it comes to the round ball game)

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    • I’ve watched the Sterling miss 3 times today, still think he is going to score every time I see it even though I know the result. You need a mentality to win the European Cup, its not about being the prettiest or even the best. Just take your chances and be tough to beat, that’s it

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