Aller Brook Tor and Combestone Tor

This is a walk to another of the smaller, lesser tors that I haven’t been to before. Aller Brook Outcrop is a nice little gathering of rocks overlooking the River Dart and its valley. We decided to add in Combestone Tor as well as it allowed us to carry on following the Aller Brook as we had done to get to the outcrop. The weather was a mixed bag with showers sweeping in on the strong breeze in between long spells of sunshine. For November it wasn’t too cold but the leaves on the trees are mostly on the ground now, so hopefully it means the frosty weather is nearly here. The end of this walk gave us a chance to do half a circuit of Venford Reservoir and take in some lovely reflections along the water.

Start – Venford Reservoir parking
Route – Aller Brook – Aller Brook Tor – Aller Brook – Combestone TorVenford Reservoir – Venford parking
Distance –  3.5 miles    Start time – 1pm     Time taken –  1hr 45mins      Highest Point – Combestone Tor 350metres
Weather – Sunshine and showers

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

Looking across to Bench Tor as we set out for Aller Brook

Mel Tor backed by the darker Corndon Tor

Glorious weather

The Dart valley

Handrailing the Aller Brook on our left

Aller Brook Tor

Mel Tor from Aller Brook Tor

We will head over to Combestone Tor next, the brook winds its way across there so we will use that to get us near to the tor

Vag Hill across the Dart valley from Aller Brook Tor

Heading around to Combestone Tor you get to see up the Dart valley further towards Yar Tor

Fantastic views

On Combestone Tor now and the next shower is about to hit us

Behind Combestone Tor the land rises up towards Ryders Hill

My youngest looks happy looking down to the Dart

With sunshine and showers you get rainbows

As we crest the hill Venford Reservoir comes into view

Looking to the Dam end of the reservoir across the reflections

Having walked around the far side we crossed the dam, now we are back at the car park after a lovely couple of hours


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