Lustleigh Cleave and Harton Chest

Back again to one of my favourite spots. I love it here, and when the sun is shining it is a great place. My boys hadn’t been here so I decided to take them for a short walk around the Cleave, picking out the best bits. That meant Raven’s Tor, The Old Clam bridge, a bonus walk through bluebells and Harton Chest. Now I had told them about Harton Chest, but as it is with kids these days, they don’t think that anything will wow them. Needless to say my eldest was a bit twitchy on the high rock, and wanted to stay back from the edge, a bit of humility never hurt anyone. The sun shone all the way around and lit up the green leaves on the trees, and made for a great walk, the only tough part was the direct route up to Raven’s Tor from below, a bit of a scramble here and there, but nothing too difficult with the ground cover being low. All that was left was the fine ridge walk and drop down to the car. A place I don’t tire of.

Start – Lustleigh parking
Route – Old Clam Bridge – Water – Latchell TorHorsham StepsRaven’s TorFoxworthy TorHarton ChestSharpitorHammerslake Tor – Lustleigh parking
Distance – 3miles    Start time – 1.30pm    Time taken – 2 1/2hrs  Highest Point – Foxworthy Tor 321 metres
Weather – Sunny and white clouds

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Straight on is Sharpitor and we will be coming back that way, so it is left and the Old Clam Bridge for us. There are quite a few signs in this woodland to keep you heading in the right direction.

Dropping down to the River Bovey and the Clam Bridge before heading up to Water as per the sign.

Flossing on the Clam Bridge

Despite the facial expressions both liked this fun bridge, running around and around to go over and over it again.

Water village, the pub is a hundred metres or so behind those houses but we have to keep moving towards Horsham Steps.

The lower part of Latchell Tor right by the path, there is more in the trees to the left

The large outcrop of Latchell Tor

As we walked down towards Horsham Steps the view opened over towards the Lustleigh side of the valley

Horsham Steps, the boys give an idea of the size of some of the boulders here. The River Bovey is under the rocks.

Mossy Horsham Steps

It was a steep and scrambly climb to Ravens Tor, straight up from Horsham Steps, but at least we had bluebells and a nice view to look at whilst we caught our breath.

Manaton Rocks is dead centre. Easdon Tor is back right

Lustleigh Cleave below us and Black Hill across the cleave

The outcrops of Foxworthy Tor above Raven’s Tor. We are now on the main path along the ridge line heading towards Sharpitor

Glorious view up here today, nice and warm so just tshirts for us.

Lots of tors to the west of us including Hound Tor

Right, this is Harton Chest and just like kids at Christmas they were waiting to see what unfolded beyond. I’d told them there was a view and a perched rock to scramble on to, now to see how they saw it.

My youngest loved it, my eldest had a touch of vertigo and was happier sat down. But this is a great spot, the drop to the right is 40 or 50 metres, with Black Hill up to the right

Over the cleave from Harton Chest

Manaton Rocks across the valley as the boys enjoy the view and a drink

Hayne Down and Hound Tor from Harton Chest, the views were superb today

Walking to Sharpitor now and we came across this fantastic patch of bluebells

Such a lovely spot

Sharpitor and the framed view to Hound Tor. All that was left was to follow the path down the hill, past Hammerslake Tor, to the sign on the first photo and we were back at the car. A brilliant walk


4 thoughts on “Lustleigh Cleave and Harton Chest

    • Its certainly got some great areas. I’ve not been to Holwell yet and looks like I might miss out this year. I’ve heard Blackingstone Rocks is another place where they have been superb this year.

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