Red Screes and Middle Dodd

As always a week in the Lake District is much anticipated and goes with plenty of planning, this year the house was in Little Langdale. However, this walk was not really on the agenda, but after 6 or so hours in a car from Plymouth and an hour or so before being allowed in the house, I decided a leg stretch was required. Reaching a long tail back on the road from Kendal to Windermere, I saw a number of cars darting right down a country lane near Ings. Guessing they knew where they were going, I followed, the first turned into a farm, the second into a house. I had 4 other cars behind me, so I kept going and popped out on the road to Troutbeck. Brilliant!! This road becomes the Kirkstone Pass, which for me meant a walk from there. I chose Red Screes via the Kilnshaw chimney (bit of a scree scramble but nothing too hard) and I would add on Middle Dodd if time allowed. A great start to the week.

Start – Kirkstone Pass
Route – Kilnshaw Chimney – Red Screes – Middle Dodd – Red Screes – Kirkstone Pass
Distance – 2 miles    Start time – 3.15pm     Time taken – 1 3/4 hrs    Highest Point – Red Screes 776m
Weather – Sunny to the south and cloudy to the north
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Red Screes 1

Start of the walk looking to Wansfell in the centre with Windermere just visible to the right and the Kirkstone pass on the left

Red Screes 2

Climbing steeply looking down to the pub, the road wiggling away to the right (The Struggle) heads to Ambleside.

Red Screes 3

Looking across the side of Raven Crag to Windermere

Looking up the Kilnshaw chimney

Looking up the Kilnshaw chimney

Red Screes 5

Stopping for a breather to take in the view

Looking back down the chimney to the pub and the Kirkstone pass

Looking back down the chimney to the pub and the Kirkstone pass

Red Screes 7

Red Screes summit

Red Screes 8

From the summit looking across to Bowfell and The Scafells

Red Screes 9

Summit shelter and the view to Windermere

Red Screes 10

The route down to Middle Dodd with Brothers Water beyond

Red Screes 11

Middle Dodd summit with Place Fell directly behind Brothers Water, the weather not as good to the north……

Red Screes 12

as it was to the south, as I look back to Red Screes

Red Screes 13

Looking across Little Hart Crag to a distant Helvellyn

Red Screes 14

Back at Red Screes summit, it was here I realised that 6 or so hours in a car was not good preparation for this walk!!! Still at least the sun is out!

Red Screes 15

Red Screes summit and tarn

Red Screes 16

Down the descent route to the car park below and then off to the house in Little Langdale


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