Sunshine, finally, and 2 quick walks

Let’s face it, it has been miserable in November. However finally the weather broke and I had chance for two quick walks, the first was up Cox Tor and the second a cracking little walk with my two boys around Peek Hill. My eldest tried out my old camera that I have given to them and so that they both had a camera I gave mine to my youngest so he could have a stab. At least half of the photos are his so he did a great job and it was great to get out and stretch the legs.

Sharpitor 1

Cox Tor summit after a quick stroll up

Sharpitor 2

Hazy views but at least there’s no rain!!

Sharpitor 3

North Hessary Tor at the back with the Staple Tors nearer

Sharpitor 4

Same view but look at the blue sky!!

Start – Roadside B3212
Route – SharpitorPeek Hill – Roadside B3212
Distance – Not much a mile maybe    Start time – 10.30am     Time taken –  45mins    Highest Point – Peek Hill 400m
Weather – Finally blue skies and clear views
Sharpitor 5

Start of the walk and blue skies and North Hessary Tor in fine fettle

Sharpitor 6

Yours truly and the two boys taking pictures of each other!

Sharpitor 7

Sharpitor behind as we start off up

Sharpitor 8

Fine views to the west and a cracking picture from my apprentice!

Sharpitor 9

And again as he zooms back in on the car park with Cox Tor to the right and Brent Tor in the distance to the left

Sharpitor 10

Fantastic clarity on Sharpitor summit

Sharpitor 11

Looking north to Princetown

Sharpitor 12

Peek Hill

Sharpitor 13

Sharpitor summit with Eylesbarrow in the distance

Sharpitor 14

Summit shot of the boys

Sharpitor 15

Zooming in on Plymouth Sound

Sharpitor 16

Great Mis Tor to the right and Great Links Tor in the distance

Sharpitor 17

The Staple Tors, Roos Tor and at the back is White Tor

Sharpitor 18

Cox Tor

Sharpitor 19

Burrator Reservoir

Sharpitor 20

Leather Tor across the bracken

Sharpitor 21

Looking back to Sharpitor

Sharpitor 22

Crackin photo of the boy at work

Sharpitor 23

Leather Tor with Eylesbarrow on the horizon

Sharpitor 24

Shade and light as we head back to the car

Sharpitor 25



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