Standon Hill and Lynch Tor

It had been such a good week, weather wise, and it seemed right to get out again for another long walk. This one allowed for some new tops for me as well as an old favourite. Unfortunately the weather, whilst dry, was absolutely bitter and a reminder that spring isn’t quite here yet!! I’d also forgotten my spare camera battery and I ran out of juice on White Tor, meaning the planned pictures of Setters Rocks and Stephen’s Grave could not be taken! A revisit needed, maybe Easter weekend!

Start – Boulters Tor car park
Route – Boulters TorCudlipptown – Wapsworthy – Bagga TorStandon HillLynch Tor – Lych Way – Langstone Stone Row – White TorStephens GraveSetters Rocks – Boulters Tor car park
Distance – 8 miles    Start time – 11.00am     Time taken –  4hr 45mins    Highest Point – Lynch Tor 517m
Weather – Dull, with cloud lowering to cover some of the higher tops, bitterly cold wind
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Lynch Tor 1

Just after starting out you get this view back over West Devon to Bodmin Moor in the distance

Lynch Tor 2

Boulters Tor is quickly reached, Cox Tor on the right

Lynch Tor 3

Brent Tor stands proud from Boulters Tor

Lynch Tor 4

The tors around Hare Tor and Great Links Tor lie to the north

Lynch Tor 5

White Tor (I’ll be up there later) with Great Mis Tor on the right

Lynch Tor 6


Lynch Tor 7

On the road to Wapsworthy, there are great views from here to Hare Tor and Ger Tor. That’s Standon Hill on the right looking a long way off.

Lynch Tor 8

Bagga Tor was next and time for a brew

Lynch Tor 9

Views to Tavy Cleave and Ger Tor from Bagga Tor

Lynch Tor 10

Down and up to Standon Hill

Lynch Tor 11

Then round to Lynch Tor

Lynch Tor 12

Looking back to Bagga Tor as I start the climb to Standon Hill

Lynch Tor 13

After huffing and puffing up to Standon Hill this is the view west to Cornwall (shame the cloud has dropped!)

Lynch Tor 14

Cloud was definitely building. As I look to White Tor right with Great Mis Tor left

Lynch Tor 15

Lynch Tor from Standon Hill

Lynch Tor 16

And in reverse, Standon Hill from Lynch Tor!

Lynch Tor 17

The mist drops onto Great Mis Tor with North Hessary Tor and the mast barely visible now

Lynch Tor 18

Lynch Tor flag pole and the wilderness into the centre of Dartmoor

Lynch Tor 19

Lynch Tor on the right with Standon Hill left

Lynch Tor 20

Normally one of my favourite views, Bagga Tor in the centre of the photo, shame the mist has come in.

Lynch Tor 21

Looking back again to Standon Hill and Lynch Tor

Lynch Tor 22

White Tor ahead

Lynch Tor 23

Langstone menhir

Lynch Tor 24

One of the best military huts on the moor, blends in nicely with White Tor behind

Lynch Tor 25

Wilderness from White Tor

Lynch Tor 26

Sunshine hits Brat Tor to the north from White Tor

Lynch Tor 27

My way down is to the left here heading for Stephens Grave, it was at this point my camera ran out of battery, so a return visit is needed!


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