Lynch Tor and Bagga Tor

Just a quick walk today, not too far but still a fair bit of height to give a good view. I’m fond of the area around Lynch Tor, in fact its one of my favourite tors and the views west are fantastic. Standon Hill is another with a great view with parts of Tavy Cleave just visible. The weather was decent as well which was a bonus. I headed down off Standon Hill on the steep descent which was far better than climbing it which I did last time!!

Start – Peter Tavy parking
Route – Bagga TorLych WayLynch TorStandon Hill – Bagga Tor – Peter Tavy Parking
Distance –  3.5 miles    Start time – 11.40pm     Time taken –  2hrs  Highest Point – Lynch Tor 510metres
Weather – Dry, some cloud and some sun

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

Lych Way sign below Bagga Tor, first it was up to Bagga Tor then back down to the Lych Way which takes me to Lynch Tor

Brousentor Farm below and a pointy Hare Tor in the distance, from Bagga Tor

Same spot but looking to Lynch Tor which is up next

The views west across the fields of West Devon, never disappoint

Looking back as I head up to Lynch Tor

My new companion Roly tops out on Lynch Tor. Boulters Tor off to the left

To the north are the tors of Hare Tor (pointy one) and Great Links Tor (to the right of Hare Tor). High Willhays is far right

left to right, Brat Tor, Hare Tor, Sharp Tor, Great Links Tor and Lower Dunna Goat

Great Mis Tor to the left and White Tor furthest right as I look south. Between those two is Cox Tor and Roos Tor

Bagga Tor catching the sun below

Out with the big lens to High Willhays, the high spot on Dartmoor

Standon Hill views

The military huts up here show the army firing ranges. Fur Tor above this hut

Looking back to Lynch Tor

That’s a fine vista

The view into the start of Tavy Cleave, Ger Tor and Hare Tor sit on the opposite bank

Sheep on a wall

Standon Hill from beside Bagga Tor, the cloud has rolled in over Hare Tor to the left as I near the car


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