White Tor, Boulters Tor and Stephen’s Grave

The second day of the new year and our second walk, I’m pretty sure we won’t continue at this pace (if we do the post updates will be getting a little behind), however its lovely to have the opportunity to get out again. Like Boxing Day the weather was stupendous and it would have been remiss of us not to have walked today. We chose the western side of Dartmoor, just above Peter Tavy, the area has great views west, to Cornwall, in good weather and this was one of those days. We walked out towards White Tor, picking off the tors and outcrops as we went, before turning around over White Tor and back via the lanes and Smith Hill Tor. Most of the tors on this section of Dartmoor are not granite in origin but more of a gabbro type called Dolerite. This makes the rock a more slate like looking rock with sharper edges. This was a stunning walk in clear conditions, with inversions in the river valley providing some lovely photos early in the walk. It might have been the second day of the new year but this walk is already penciled in for the walk of the year list for 2023.

Start – Peter Tavy parking

Route – Smearn Down Tors – Boulters Tor – Setters Rocks – Wedlake Tor – Stephen’s Grave – Langstone Stone Row and Standing Stone – Hare Tor (Peter Tavy) – White Tor – Little White Tor – Smith Hill Tor – Cudliptown – Peter Tavy Church – Smeardon Down

Distance – 7 miles    Start time – 10am   Time taken – 4hrs  Highest Point – White Tor 465 metres

Weather – Sunshine and blue skies, warm in the sun

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Some lovely valley mist sitting along the Tavy River valley behind the church in Peter Tavy as we start climbing to Smeardon Down
Brent Tor is back left and Gibbet Hill, all golden in colour, sitting above Mavy Tavy
Lovely clear skies above and misty valleys below, there was no warm up to this climb so we immediately warmed up on a cold start
Views to the north to Hare Tor and Great Links Tor
Smearn Down Rocks
Smearn Down Rocks again, with some of Bodmin Moor back right
Up on Boulters Tor now looking into Dartmoor, Roos Tor right, Great Mis Tor central and White Tor up to the left. We will be heading straight on along a lonning out onto the moor
Into the sun and Cox Tor
Setters Rocks, again with Great Mis Tor left and Roos Tor right
Looking back towards Boulters Tor from Setters Rocks
Looking up towards White Tor, we will be up there later
Wedlake Tor now, a small outcrop down the hill from Setters Rocks
Stephen’s Grave again the views to Mary Tavy behind
Cox Tor left as we walk the path which ends up round at Lynch Tor or on the Lych Way
The Langstone on Langstone Moor with Linda and White Tor behind
Langstone Moor
Views across to Standon Hill, Tavy Cleave and Hare Tor behind
Periglacial mounds we had lunch just down there on the left on some rocks which are part of Hare Tor (Peter Tavy), there is more of it behind me.
Here it is just the other side of the wall
From Hare Tor it a short climb up to White Tor and its settlement
This tor sits on the edge of the Merrivale firing range, the flag pole is of there on the left. Still some lovely blue skies overhead and some nice white fluffy clouds, by this point I was in just a t shirt, which was barmy for 2nd January
Through the rocks on White Tor to Lynch Tor and Fur Tor at the back
Just below White Tor is this outcrop Little White Tor and more views west to Cornwall
Looking back up to White Tor
Over Gibbet Hill and Brent Tor to Cornwall from Little White Tor
Another lonning this one takes us off the moor and down to Broadmoor farm and Cudliptown
Along the lane after the farm we reach Smith Hill Tor. This one is an easy one to get to being right by the lane
Sunshine on the road from Cudliptown heading towards Peter Tavy
Brent Tor in the distance beyond the sheep
Gibbet Hill across the fields outside Peter Tavy
Still the sun was shining at Peter Tavy church, all that was left was a short walk up the road to the car which we’d parked under Smeardon Down, just beyond the cattle grid. The walk itself was superb and surprisingly warm given it was only the second day of the year, more like this please.

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