Brisworthy Stone Circle

Not a great deal of spare time today but we managed a quick walk out to Brisworthy Stone Circle and back. It was absolutely bitter in the wind and compared to last week’s t shirt weather, it was a bit of a shock. I guess it is only March after all!! It’s only a 15 minute stroll to the stone circle which is probably one of the quieter ones on the moor. Weather was pretty dull and with the wind, 30 minutes was enough for us!

Legis stone circle 1

A peek at Peek Hill ahead as we walk around Brisworthy plantation, we turn right at the end of the trees

Legis stone circle 2

“Daddy wants you to smile for the camera”!!

Legis stone circle 3

Looking over to the Lee Moor clay workings from Ringmoor Down

Legis stone circle 4

Legis Tor on the left, Shell Top in the distance with Great and Little Trowlesworthy Tors on the right

Legis stone circle 5

Brisworthy Stone Circle, Legis Tor behind

Legis stone circle 6

Brisworthy Stone Circle

Legis stone circle 7

Looking back to the stone circle with Little Trowlesworthy Tor on the left


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