Around Shaugh Prior

Well having worked up to, and including, Christmas Eve I decided that I would take a few days off and indulge a little. Alright then, it was a fair bit. Today was a walk day, well at least a bit of a walk day. I wanted to stay near to home and I chose my favourite walking area, Cadover to Shaugh Bridge. Only this time we changed the route a bit. Normally we would walk along the clay pipe route right down to Shaugh Bridge and return back along Wigford Down, which is my favourite walk, ever. This time though we headed up to Shaugh Beacon and carried on over the summit into Shaugh Prior village and back by the lanes. This was a good option for a shorter walk and one which doesn’t involve a steep climb up from Shaugh Bridge. The weather was sunny and cold, the wind was absolutely bitter today. You could tell snow had fallen to the north and the temperature dropped as a result, in fact Princetown still had snow all around today and maybe we should have gone there. Still we enjoyed what we saw and the short walk was perfect.

Start – Cadover Bridge parking

Route – Cadover Cross – Cadover Bridge – North Wood – Shaugh Beacon – Shaugh Prior – Shaugh Prior Cross – Shaden Moor Cross – Cadover Bridge

Distance – 3.7 miles    Start time – 1.30pm    Time taken – 2hrs Highest Point – Shaugh Beacon 244metres

Weather – Sunshine and speeding clouds, strong wind, very cold

© Crown copyright 2020 Ordnance Survey FL 2020 SF
Cadover Cross at the start of the walk
Cadover Bridge and Lee Moor behind. The boys are wrapped up in a keen wind
The River Plym as we enter North Wood
The clay pipe path runs from Cadover Bridge to Shaugh Bridge. As it suggests it carried clay to Shaugh Bridge where it was loaded on to trains to make clay based products
I’ve looked back at previous years and I have my eldest walking up this pipe at least 3 times on photos now, never on the path!!
The path through North Wood
At the exit of North Wood on to West Down, we turn left here, uphill
First I get a picture across to the Dewerstone
And Cadworthy Tor
Lovely skies overhead and Cornwall in the distance
We are at Shaugh Beacon now and look southeast ish over fields and the village of Shaugh Prior below
Hmmm, looks a bit grim that way. Towards Princetown and Peek Hill
Cornwall looks ok though. Bodmin Moor is in the centre distance
Turning their back on the wind. They both assumed I wanted to stop here and have tea. Even I’m not that daft and we headed down to a rock below out of the wind. Plymouth Sound is away in the sun
Plymouth Sound from lower down out of the wind
Half of me and a cold them!!
Shaugh Prior
Now this is the fake cross made from concrete, outside the hall
Shaugh Prior church
And the real Shaugh Prior Cross by the road, set in a wall and hedge
We walked along a lane and appear out onto a view back down to Plymouth Sound
Shaden Moor Cross, that is Saddlesborough up behind
The road is next to us as we head down towards Cadover Bridge, again the wind was blowing in our faces here. Sheeps Tor and Peek Hill are in the distance
Back at the car park and a view over to the Trowlesworthy Tors and Lee Moor. A fine little walk but I’m sure I can squeeze another in before the end of the year!

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