Glorious walk from Cadover Bridge to Shaugh Bridge and back

I’ve said before this is my favourite walk, anywhere. On days like this it becomes a very special place to be. The sky was blue (at last) and the chance was taken to burn off some of that Christmas pud, although the amount of cake we packed probably balanced out what was burned off!! This a great place to pass a few hours over 4 miles or so, whether you linger at Shaugh Bridge watching the Meavy and Plym rivers crash together or do as we did and sit on Devil’s Rocks with a great view to Plymouth. Our timing was good as the sun was setting as we got to Wigford Down allowing us enough time to get down to the car. Another lovely walk in this area.

Start – Cadover parking
Route – Cadover Cross – Cadover Bridge – North Wood – West Down – Shaugh Beacon – Shaugh Bridge – Dewerstone – Cadworthy Tor – Wigford Down – Cadover parking
Distance –  4 miles    Start time – 1.20pm     Time taken –  2hrs 50mins   Highest Point – Wigford Down 271metres
Weather – Blue sky and sunshine

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

At the start, heading over Cadover Bridge looking upstream to Lee Moor in the distance

The Plym heading downstream, I’m entering the woods over there

North Wood and the Plym

Following the clay pipe path which used to take the clay to Shaugh Bridge and the settling tanks there

The boys in North Wood

The Dewerstone is in view as we exit North Wood and head onto West Down

Shaugh Beacon and a dark looking Dartmoor in the distance

A hot beverage and some Christmas cake for two cold boys

One of the settling tanks on the clay pipe path

Down at Shaugh Bridge and the Plym is in full spate

Shaugh Bridge, where the Meavy meets the Plym

Looking back down the tramway path, used for moving granite down to the bridge

The second uphill section is another tramway used for granite, the brake house is at the top

Devils Rocks above the Dewerstone and the moon rising behind the boys

Another hot drink and time to enjoy the view

That’s the Plym valley on the right with Lee Moor in the distance

Peek Hill over on the right as we walk across Wigford Down

We reach Cadworthy Tor, a small outcrop overlooking the Plym valley

The setting sun goes behind a cloud as I look back to Devils Rocks from Cadworthy Tor

The last of the sun on Lee Moor, the Trowlesworthy Tors can be seen on this side of the hill

The pool at Wigford Down summit and a darkening Dartmoor beyond

Sunset Wigford Down style

Heading down to Cadover Bridge

Sunset at Cadover

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