Looking back to 2018 and on to 2019

Last year was a decent one for walking, not as good as previous years but some fantastic walks in some lovely countryside. This year I managed 54 walks which isn’t as high as normal but still not too bad. I had some targets also for 2018, I got very close to completing a second round of my list of Dartmoor tors, but I didn’t manage any of the rest. This year I’m not going to make any targets, I’m just going to enjoy the outside and go where I feel. I certainly want to do some more wild camping with the boys, we got out twice in 2018 and we can hopefully get out again a few times in the next 12 months.

I’ve been thinking of my best walks this year again some are in the Lakes and the rest on Dartmoor.

  1. Postbridge and Soussons Down
  2. Blizzards on Western Beacon
  3. Belstone Tor and Oke Tor
  4. Holwell Bluebells
  5. High Street and Kidsty Pike
  6. Coniston Old Man
  7. Hunt Tor and Kitty Tor

I loved the 2nd walk on this list, it was wild and brutal and my first in a proper blizzard. A couple of times I got a little worried of getting lost, Piles Hill was especially savage, and in coming down off Western Beacon, I got a little disorientated until I worked out where I was. Its a great lesson to never go beyond what you are comfortable with, however also that you can go out in conditions like this and be safe and have a bit of fun at the same time. As for my favourite walk, well The Old Man of Coniston takes some beating and was definitely my best walk outside Dartmoor however the Holwell bluebells in May win the walk of the year, they were absolutely superb this year and a long walk around 19 tors was a great way to take them in.

Onwards into 2019. Happy walking and a Happy New Year to everyone.

Steve aka treksandtors


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