Shell Top and Yealm Rocks

Time for a short walk around the southerly tip of Dartmoor in another area that doesn’t take too long for me to get there. That said its not one of my favourite spots due to the scar on the landscape that is the Lee Moor clay works. Still the sun shone a fair bit and it was nice to be out for my first walk of the New Year. The walk from Lee Moor trig point down to Yealm Rocks was a bit off piste, but a few sheep tracks here and there got me there, all that was left was to follow the drunken wall back to Rook Gate. This is a pretty easy walk, with very little that can go wrong regarding navigation, especially once you have a bearing off Lee Moor trig. I hear the weather is starting to get a little colder, and I saw remnants of ice around Lee Moor which hopefully means winter might finally be showing up.

Start – Harford parking
Route – Rook Tor – Penn BeaconShell Top – Lee Moor – Yealm Rocks – Yealm Waterfall – Broadall Gulf – High House Waste – Rook Gate
Distance – 4.5 miles    Start time – 11.30am     Time taken – 3hrs  Highest Point – Lee Moor 493metres
Weather – Some sunny spells with cloud

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As you pop out from Rook Gate and turn around you get this view south towards South Hams and Western Beacon

Rook Tor which to be honest is a scattering of broken rocks and clitter, looking to the scar of Lee Moor clay pits

Much better views to the south and east from Rook Tor

My next target which is Penn Beacon

Sunburst over Plympton

Penn Beacon and more of that lovely clay workings

The obvious path up to Shell Top is next

Once up on Shell Top the views north open a little, in the distance Leather Tor and Sheeps Tor are in view, along with Great Mis Tor and North Hessary Tor at the back

Looking back to Penn Beacon

Nearly at Lee Moor and a bit of zoom on the high tors of south Dartmoor, with the mast at Princetown clearly in view

Three Barrows is directly above the trig point on Lee Moor

As I walk south east ish, the dark area of Redlake stands out against the yellowy background of the Dartmoor grasses at this time of year. I was there a week or so ago (here)

Sunburst lights up Hanger Down clump

Yealm Rocks looking back up towards Yealm Head

Yealm Rocks looking down to the area which holds the Yealm waterfall

Standing at the top of the waterfall looking down along the River Yealm

The wonky drunken wall which I now follow is running up on the right hand side and the sun continues to burst through ahead

Looking back to Stalldown Barrow, Three Barrows is back left and Western Beacon furthest to the right

The wall is down there to the left, handrail it about 50 metres away from it as there are boggy sections and streams which follow the wall. I’m heading for the clump of tree in the mid distance, just right of centre

Through Rook Gate now and down the lane to the car

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