Hunt Tor, Kitty Tor and Bleak House

When the weather is as glorious as it was today you have to get out. I wanted to go high to make the most of the views and the west looked best. The tors on this side are all brilliant, the views stretch out to Cornwall and behind them the rolling hills of the central north moor. With the weather being this nice at this time off year it means it will be cold, that and the keen north easterly meant it was cold, very cold. Staying out of the wind was key, which was easier said than done, but the walk was thoroughly enjoyable and I’m looking forward to more days like this during the winter months.

Start – Lydford parking
Route – Great Nodden – Rattlebrook railway – Lydda BridgeGren Tor – Hunt TorKitty Tor – Rattlebrook ruins – Green TorBleak House – Lower Dunna GoatHigher Dunna GoatGreat Links Tor –  Arms Tor – Nodden gate
Distance – 7 miles    Start time – 11am     Time taken –  4hrs 10mins  Highest Point – Great Links Tor 586metres
Weather – Very windy, cold but gloriously sunny

© Crown copyright 2018 Ordnance Survey FL 2018 SF

Hazy distance views to Cornwall, but lets face it, it doesn’t get much better

Great Nodden appears on the left and that’s Great Links Tor up on the right

Climbing up Great Nodden I turn to look at Arms Tor up on the left

Great Nodden summit

Glorious views

I’m on the Rattlebrook railway now looking back to Great Nodden

This is Lydda Bridge, carrying the Rattlebrook railway over the infant River Lyd

A bank of cloud to the north and west but look at that blue sky, from Gren Tor

Great Nodden to the right but I’m not tiring of the views

A bit of zoom with Brent Tor lined up with Kit Hill behind

On Hunt Tor now and feeling the full force of the biting wind. Here I can see the Rattlebrook valley with Dunna Goat right and Green Tor left. I’ll be over there later.

Heading to Kitty Tor , looking back to Hunt Tor to the right, the dominant Great Links Tor in the centre and the Dunna Goats left

The roof of Dartmoor, with High Willhays in view from Kitty Tor

Lints Tor is down below with central north Dartmoor beyond

The military flagpole on Kitty Tor with Great Links Tor in the background

This is the ruins of the buildings beside the Rattlebrook railway

Green Tor and some lovely rolling terrain. Cut Hill far left, then Fur Tor and in the far distance on the right is Great Mis Tor

The Rattlebrook valley from Green Tor

Bleak House with Hunt Tor in the distance. It was nice down here out of the wind

Lower Dunna Goat with Hare Tor and Great Mis Tor beyond

From the same spot I look left back across to Green Tor

Now on Higher Dunna Goat with the Lower one just over there

Great Links Tor isn’t far away either, I’m heading there next

From Great Links Tor looking to High Willhays

The trig point on Great Links, looking down to Arms Tor and Brat Tor

Lovely soft layers of tors, Hare Tor the nearest

Brat Tor in the distance

Loving this view

On Arms Tor with Sharp Tor and Hare Tor up there

The weather hasn’t changed one bit, that’s Great Nodden and the bank of cloud still to the north west

Bright sunshine on Arms Tor

Heading down there to Nodden Gate

Having crossed the ford at Nodden Gate I look back up at Arms Tor left and Brat Tor right. Superb conditions and a great walk


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