Looking back to 2016 and on to 2017

It has been a good year for me out on the tors of Dartmoor and the fells of the Lake District. Looking back I’ve walked about 330 miles, give or take, in 74 separate walks, which I’m really pleased with. I’ve had some fantastic walks and some not so (one in particular on Lee Moor which springs to mind). I’ve been to Snowdonia for the first time this year and I’ll definitely be back, I’ve also been to The Lakes 3 times, in all weathers and got tantalisingly close to finishing my list of Dartmoor Tors. Just 15 left to do, with a couple of tricky ones on the south moor in Nakers Hill and Langcombe Hill, a gathering of rocks and tors on the north eastern side, one in the middle, Quintins Man and Brent Tor the furthest west tor. These last two will probably be my last two on my list, which will hopefully be complete in January/February time. Below is a list of my favourite outings this year, I’ve decided not to limit it to 5!! Looking at the list its 4 from Dartmoor, 3 in The Lakes and one in Snowdonia.

Glyder Fach 11

Tryfan from the Bristly Ridge

A snowy Foggintor = Loved this walk with the boys, I got pelted with snowballs and we saw a fantastic sunset.

Back O’Skiddaw – Proper snowy walk in the Lakes in February, hardly saw anyone all day

Cosdon Hill and round to Belstone – Started off from South Zeal and had a real wow moment on reaching the top of Cosdon Hill, the rest of the walk was brilliant as well.

Tryfan and the Bristly Ridge – Probably the hardest walk of the year and to the highest summit of the year, my first foray into Snowdonia.

Great Mis Tor – Fab evening walk with the best sunset of the year

Rest Dodd and the deer rut – When you head out to the Far Eastern Fells in October you will more than likely hear the annual deer rut, what a sight and sound that is

Buttermere – Choosing between this one and the Grasmere walk in the autumn for the best low level walk. The Buttermere one won it though for me by a mile, the reflections were stunning.

Stalldown Barrow – Lastly one I’ve just done, it was mainly because of the fun we had crossing the River Erme, twice!!

As for next year, some of the targets are obvious.

  1. Completing my list of Dartmoor Tors is probably my first to tick off.
  2. Adding to the 89 Wainwrights I have in the Lake District, so over a hundred is a must
  3. Walks in Cornwall. Once I’ve finished on Dartmoor then a few wanderings around Bodmin Moor are needed.
  4. Complete at least one distance walk. It doesn’t have to be the South West Coastal Path, something like the Lych Way would be good

3 thoughts on “Looking back to 2016 and on to 2017

    • Probably the first time on a mountain were I was concerned for my wellbeing. Having climbed Tryfan it was straight up the Bristly Ridge, wow what a climb that is, I got bad cramp in both thighs about half way up, I ended up on a ledge stretching eating bananas, before tentatively carrying on


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