Hound Tor and the Bowermans Nose

Bank Holiday weekend and one good day which allowed for one quick walk (here), however the Sunday didn’t look a wash out so I headed to the eastern side of Dartmoor and hopefully I would hang on to the drier weather for longer. As it was it drizzled a bit and the cloud dropped but in the main I stayed dry and had a great walk across new country for me. I’ve driven past Hound Tor a few times always put off by the crowds (not sure why I picked bank holiday to visit mind!!) but the granite stacks are very impressive and a must to climb! The area around Haytor is packed with tors, in fact a simple 3 or 4 miles will bag you at least 7 or 8, however for me the highlight was the Bowermans Nose and brilliant piece of artwork by mother nature!

Start – Saddle Tor car park
Route – Holwell TorSmallacombe RocksHole Rock – Leighon Tor – Becka Brook Clapper BridgeGreator RocksHound TorHayne DownBowermans Nose – Leighon village – Black HillHaytor TramwayHaytor – Saddle Tor car park
Distance – 8 1/2 miles    Start time – 10.30am     Time taken –  5 1.2hrs    Highest Point – Haytor 457m
Weather – Cloudy, spits of rain and then the cloud dropped for the last part of the walk
Hound Tor map

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Hound Tor 1

From the car park it looks a little brighter over to the sea by Teignmouth and Torquay

Hound Tor 2

Despite parking right beside it I didn’t summit Saddle Tor today

Hound Tor 3

First tor ahead is Holwell Tor

Hound Tor 4

And looking right to Haytor

Hound Tor 5

I’ll be on Hound Tor left and Hayne Down behind a bit later

Hound Tor 6

First I’m heading to Smallacombe Rocks with Hole Rock just visible behind, Black Hill up on the right is visited at the end of the walk (told you they were all close to each other!!)

Hound Tor 7

On Smallacombe Rocks with Holwell Tor far right, Rippon Tor in the middle and Haytor left

Hound Tor 8

Chinkwell Tor on the left with the long flat top of Hameldown at the back of this photo

Hound Tor 9

Leighon Tor from Hole Rock

Hound Tor 10

On Leighon Tor looking to Hound Tor

Hound Tor 11

I’m heading down into the trees before ascending to Greator Rocks halfway up the hill to Hound Tor

Hound Tor 12

Crossing Becka Brook Clapper Bridge

Hound Tor 13

Greator Rocks looking back to Hole Rock with Black Hill behind. It was a decent climb to the top here

Hound Tor 14

Haytor and Rippon Tor from the same spot, the quarry at Holwell Tor can be seen more clearly from here

Hound Tor 15

Next up, Hound Tor

Hound Tor 16

On Hound Tor with Greator Rocks far left, Haytor and Rippon Tor across the valley

Hound Tor 17

Hound Tor summit stacks

Hound Tor 18

Chinkwell Tor from Hound Tor

Hound Tor 19

Heading along the road to Hayne Down and these fellas win the prize for the worst haircut (he says bravely from the other side of the fence!)

Hound Tor 20

And this fella easily wins “best horns”!!

Hound Tor 21

After all that prize giving I’m on Hayne Down now

Hound Tor 22

The cloud is definitely dropping as Haytor starts to get swallowed up, Hound Tor on the right

Hound Tor 23

The brilliant Bowermans Nose

Hound Tor 24

Flowering gorse bushes and Easdon Tor behind

Hound Tor 25

As I climb out of Leighon village I get a misty view back to Hayne Down right and Hound Tor left

Hound Tor 26

Black Hill cairn looking to Hayne Down which is barely visible now

Hound Tor 27

The true summit os a group of rocks about 200 metres from the cairn, here looking to Hound Tor

Hound Tor 28

Smallacombe Rocks with Holwell Tor behind from Black Hill

Hound Tor 29

Haytor Tramway with Holwell Tor at the end of the tracks

Hound Tor 30

Murky or not, Haytor is very busy as I make my way back to the car


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