Hawks Tor and Collard Tor

Another beautiful day on a Saturday and to earn our lunch a quick walk was in order. These two tors are probably the closest to Plymouth and therefore the easiest to get to. The walk itself isn’t much more than 30 minutes, although the views back to Plymouth Sound and out to sea may make you sit and enjoy for at least that time!!

Start – Beatland Corner
Route – RAF Hawks Tor – Hawks TorCollard Tor – Beatland Corner
Distance – 1 mile    Start time – 11.45am     Time taken –  40mins    Highest Point – Hawks Tor 265m
Weather – Sunny, quite warm
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Collard Tor 1

From the car the views open up to Shaugh Prior church with Cornwall in the distance

Collard Tor 2

RAF Hawks Tor, these would have supported the radars during WW2

Collard Tor 3

Bodmin Moor can be seen away to the right

Collard Tor 4

The boys on Hawks Tor, Plymouth Sound in the distance

Collard Tor 5

Not sure if he’s dancing or what, Hawks Tor is behind him though!!

Collard Tor 6

Heading for Collard Tor

Collard Tor 7

Monkeying around on Collard Tor. Plymouth Sound again in view

Collard Tor 8

The horrible scar that is Hemerdon and Lee Moor workings

Collard Tor 9

Over the Lee Moor spoil heaps is Penn Beacon in the sunshine

Collard Tor 10

A tiny Dartmoor foal!

Collard Tor 11

Part of RAF Hawks Tor


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