Wind Tor

Today I wanted a simple walk, not too far, some nice views and somewhere new. All of today’s route was new ground to me, 3 tors I haven’t been on before, decent views despite the haze and finally warm enough for just a t-shirt!! Having finished the walk I was a little disappointed I didn’t walk further along Hameldown, however that’s the way things are but if this weather continues I’ll be able to get out in the evenings as well soon. This walk was done without seeing another person until I reached my car again at the end, this will have been the opposite from the northern moor today were hundreds of teenagers will have been trekking their Ten Tors routes. Hope all went well for them.

Start – Southcombe
Route – Two Moors WayLangworthy TorRowden TorDrywell CrossWind Tor – Southcombe
Distance – 2 1/2 miles    Start time – 1pm     Time taken –  1 1.2hrs    Highest Point – Langworthy Tor 379m
Weather – Some cloud, hazy sunshine, warm but breezy
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Wind Tor 1

Wind Tor from the start of the walk, I’ll be over there later

Wind Tor 2

Rippon Tor, Top Tor and Haytor all in view to the east

Wind Tor 3

Looking along the Two Moors Way to Hameldown Beacon

Wind Tor 4

Langworthy Tor looking to Corndon Tor

Wind Tor 5

Centre of Dartmoor photo with Longaford Tor and Higher White Tor in shot

Wind Tor 6

Corndon Tor from Langworthy Tor

Wind Tor 7

Bit of zoom on Longaford Tor (the pointy one) and Higher White Tor up on the right

Wind Tor 8

Warren House Inn clearly in view below Water Hill

Wind Tor 9

These two haven’t quite got the hang of hide and seek yet!!

Wind Tor 10

On Rowden Tor with Hameldown up on the right

Wind Tor 11

And Corndon Tor the other way

Wind Tor 12

Down the lane with Corndon Tor ahead

Wind Tor 13

Drywell Cross

Wind Tor 14

Corndon Tor again, this time from Wind Tor

Wind Tor 15

Hameldown Beacon on the right, Assycombe Hill to the left

Wind Tor 16

Honeybag and Chinkwell Tors in a line from Wind Tor

Wind Tor 17

Rippon Tor the high spot from Wind Tor

Wind Tor 18

Green fields and Rowden Tor from Wind Tor

Wind Tor 19

Walking back to the car now and Widecombe church comes into view with Chinkwell and Honeybag tors looking huge above


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