Figgie Daniel and the Bowermans Nose

A bank holiday and previous week filled with scares, hospital visits and no thoughts to walking. My dad was taken ill last week and ended up in hospital with a heart attack. Thankfully he’s recovered now and he’s on the road to recovery after having a number of stents put in. By bank holiday Monday he was home and I needed some fresh air. Unfortunately the south west of Devon was covered in low cloud and sea fog, so I set off for the east and as is normally the case, if the weather is rubbish one side of the moor, head to the other side. The area around Manaton is excellent for short walks, but it can be tricky to link more than 2 of the tors together, this walk has 5 tors plus a couple of extra bits like Jays Grave to keep the interest up, plus two rock formations that look very similar in Figgie Daniel and Bowermans Nose. There’s also a bit of road walking to do here but that’s not an issue on these quiet lanes. It was good to be out and the hot sun at the end keeps reminding me that summer is around the corner. With that plans are afoot to walk from Okehampton to Plymouth along the West Devon Way at the end of June, 37 miles over 3 days should do it and no need for a tent when you are passing through Lydford, Tavistock and Yelverton. I’ve worked the days out to be 9.5 miles, 16 miles and 12.5 miles which should be possible as long as I stay out of the pubs in the towns!!!

Start – Manaton parking
Route – Jays Grave Cripton Down TorEasdon TorWhooping RockFiggie Daniel – Langstone – Manaton Rocks – Manaton – Hayne DownBowermans Nose – Manaton Parking
Distance –  8 miles    Start time – 10.50am     Time taken –  4hrs 40mins  Highest Point – Easdon Tor 439metres
Weather – Cloudy to start, sunny to finish, warm and humid

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Starting out from the car park by Hound Tor. Strange that I chose not to bother with this one today

Heading along the road to Jays Grave I look through a gate to see Hedge Tor left, Chinkwell Tor middle and Honeybag Tor on the right

Kitty Jay’s grave

Cripton Down Tor is only 10 minutes from Jay’s Grave and from here you get a good view back to Hound Tor right, Haytor is centre and to the left is Hayne Down, my last tor today

Looking the other way to Easdon Tor beyond the summit

Down the lanes to Easdon Tor

Always a great view to the south from Easdon Tor

The large bulk of Hameldown on the right

The top of the Easdon Tor trig as I look along the top of Easdon Down in the direction of Figgie Daniel and some very dark looking clouds. It was clear for the next 45 minutes or so that the area around Bovey Tracey and Newton Abbot to the south was getting very wet

England’s green and pleasant land. Classic Devon patchwork of fields

The bizarre rock formation that is Figgie Daniel

And again this time with Haytor and Rippon Tor in the distance

Trees frame a fantastic vista to Haytor , Hound Tor and Rippon Tor

Down through the woods to Langstone

Manaton Rocks are by those trees sticking up, to get there you kind of enter a Jurassic jungle of mossy rocks, fallen trees, streams and boggy ground

After picking my way through the jungle I sit here for a brew and a biscuit and enjoy the view

You need to find this stile at SX750816 on the county road path. Beyond this is a sign post to the top

After a bit of huffing and puffing I’m rewarded with this fine view to Hunters Tor at the start of Lustleigh Cleave

Looking back to Easdon Tor

Further round to the flat topped Hameldown

My target though is that way, Hayne Down is up next. Haytor far left

A steep but short path take you to a path which leads you to Manaton Church

First its past the cricket pitch

Inside Manaton Church

Leaving the village of Manaton behind I cross this buttercup field with a view back to the church

Still looking to the church with Manaton Rocks up to its left. As I climb Hayne Down

This group of tors has been in view a lot in this walk. Haytor is left, Rippon Tor is the big one at the back, Hound Tor in front of Rippon. You can also make out Smallacombe Rocks, below and right of Haytor

Easdon Tor from Hayne Down

Chinkwell Tor and Honeybag Tor, the start of Hameldown rising up to the right

Classic profile of the Bowermans Nose, Easdon Tor beyond

Back along the road to see these cute alpacas in the field near the car park


3 thoughts on “Figgie Daniel and the Bowermans Nose

    • It was a shock with my dad, even with his age he’s not had anything wrong with him so you know something will eventually come. Even though it was a shock. The whole of Dartmoor is great walking, the paths are better than Scotland and the hills not as steep as the Lakes!!


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