Hedge Tor, Hound Tor and Jays Grave

I’d been getting cabin fever with all the bad weather recently, finally though we had a weather window at a weekend and I took the chance to bag one of the remaining 3 tors on my list. Hedge Tor is a bit of a lesser tor in an area full of the big hitter spots on Dartmoor. Haytor, Chinkwell Tor and Hound Tor stand proud and highest here and little Hedge Tor is a bit hemmed in between them. However if you want a quiet spot in this area then here is the place. The walk was good and could easily have been extended to take in the tors around Haytor or around Pil Tor. A day’s walking in this area can bag you 12 to 15 tors easily with a bit of route planning. It was also my first visit to Jays Grave, the back story on this spot is a real tale of sorrow for young Kitty Jay

Start – Top Tor parking
Route – Bonehill Rocks –  Bell Tor –  Chinkwell TorHoneybag TorHedge TorJays Grave – Cripton Down – Hound TorGreator Rocks  – Holwell Lawn – Holwell Rocks – Top Tor parking
Distance –  7 miles    Start time – 11.10am     Time taken –  3 hrs 40 mins Highest Point – Chinkwell Tor 458metres
Weather – Cloudy, pretty cold and breezy

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


From the car park looking over to Haytor on the left and Saddle Tor to the right


My first few tors, you can just make out Bonehill Rocks and Bell Tor this side of the huge lump of Chinkwell Tor, there’s also a bit of snow on Hameldown back left


The village of Widecombe in the Moor from Bonehill Rocks


Looking back to Bonehill Rocks in the foreground, with Top Tor and Pil Tor behind, Rippon Tor is back left. All this from Bell Tor


The impressive Hound Tor


On Chinkwell Tor now, looking to Honeybag Tor


Right to left, Rippon Tor, Saddle Tor, Emsworthy Rocks and Haytor


Zooming in the opposite way tot he last photo, to Princetown, the mast and North Hessary Tor


Close up of Haytor


Honeybag Tor is next


The view along the valley to Widecombe from Honeybag Tor


Chinkwell Tor from Honeybag Tor. Haytor and co over on the left


Down to the gate below Honeybag Tor, Hedge Tor is across the valley with Hound Tor prominent of the left


Hound Tor from Hedge Tor


And the Haytor group from Hedge Tor, the gate down to Hound Tor is left of picture


Chinkwell Tor to the left and Honeybag Tor right


Snowdrops as I walk the road to Jays Grave


Hedge Tor left with Chinkwell Tor middle and Honeybag Tor right


Hound Tor with Haytor peeking up behind


Kitty Jay’s Grave


On Cripton Down now looking to Meldon Hill, with Cosdon Hill in the cloud back left


Hayne Down with………


a bit of zoom to the Bowerman’s Nose


From the same spot Hound Tor is in view, I’m heading there next


Your fringe could do with a trim Mr


Llamas? Alpacas??


At the top of Hound Tor and it was a bit precarious in the wind!!


Hound Tor to Haytor


Some of the best granite stacks on the moor. Easdon Tor in the distance


That’s Greator Rocks where I’m heading next


As if by magic here I am at the top, Haytor and co in view


Holwell Lawn is occasionally used by the South Dartmoor pony club, I like the rugby goal fence!!


I’m on Holwell Rocks here. Many thanks to the torbagger (search torbagger in google) for letting me know the name of this one.


From the same tor looking across to Chinkwell Tor


Nearly back at the car and the snow has gone from Hameldown, or what there was of it.

One thought on “Hedge Tor, Hound Tor and Jays Grave


    I am so happy that you’re weather finally gave you a little break. Here in Tennessee I am still waiting for that break. It has been cold and raining just about every day this week. I am so far behind on my 100 miles this month, that I doubt I will reach it by the 28th.

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