Cox Tor in the snow

Waking up this morning and seeing a few flakes of snow falling I knew there would be a bit on Dartmoor. There wasn’t much snow in the forecast and what there was would probably not last long. Time to get the shoes on and wrap up warm and up to a good spot, I headed for Princetown and decided to carry on through and ended up parking at the top of Pork Hill for an easy climb to Cox Tor. The timing was perfect as the snow was falling reasonably and by the time I was back at the car it had stopped and looked to be disappearing. It was good to be out in it and hoping for more of it tomorrow. No map or route table today as its about a mile tops there and back, the walk today was finished in The Rock pub in Yelverton for a much needed warming drink!!


Not hard to follow the path to the top today, what snow there is has picked it out for us!


And looking back down from about half way


Middle Staple Tor on the left of photo. With the snowy cloud, the views were a little misty, but it was still nice to be out


Getting a bit thicker up here and also very cold in the wind


Behind Cox Tor is White Tor which actually wasn’t quite as white as I expected


Great Mis Tor behind the Staple Tors


Cox Tor summit and it was absolutely baltic up by the trig point, from here it was a hasty retreat down and to The Rock pub in Yelverton to warm up


2 thoughts on “Cox Tor in the snow

  1. You are so lucky to have wide open spaces such as this, for walking. I would be fined a hefty amount and put in jail for trespassing on property such as this, here in Tennessee!

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    • Its a great thing having our National Parks and being able to walk in them and camp occasionally, without having to get trail permits and the like. Luckily Dartmoor was the first of the National Parks to be designated as open access, meaning you can walk in most of it (farms and private land is obviously not permitted), the only thing to watch out for is the army training areas were live firing can take place, there is a ban on entering during those times, but that is only a small part of the moor at a time, leaving the rest to wander!

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