Crow Tor and Longaford Tor

Time for a good walk and one in pretty much my favourite area of Dartmoor. I love walking around here, the views are always great, there’s a pub or two for the end of the walk and there’s lots of tors to summit and many routes to do them. This is a walk I’ve done a few times with a bit of a twist in the middle, where I walk from Crow Tor to Lower White Tor. The original plan was to go a bit further and take in Rough Tor and Tom Brown’s House but time was not on my side and I cut off that part. The weather was a bit grey but there was hardly any rain and waterproofs were not needed. As I said I love this area and the walk back along the ridge from Higher White Tor over Longaford Tor, Littaford Tor and to Crockern Tor holds good memories for me. I’ve been here in all weather and it is a great spot to learn about Dartmoor, knowing that solace and a brew in the Two Bridges hotel isn’t far away. All this and I haven’t even mentioned Wistman’s Wood, which is easily the most popular reason for coming to this part of Dartmoor, I didn’t go here this time, but there will be return visits to this area!!

Start – Two Bridges parking
Route – Two Bridges Quarry TorTwo Bridges – Cowsic Bridge B – Beardown Farm – Devonport Leat – Beardown TorWest Dart WeirCrow TorLower White TorCherrybrook RocksHigher White TorLongaford TorLittle Bee TorLittaford TorCrockern Tor – Crockern Farm – Two Bridges parking
Distance –  7.5 miles    Start time – 11.20am     Time taken –  4hrs  Highest Point – Higher White Tor 522metres
Weather – Cloudy, lots of grey, the odd spot of rain and sun

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

To start with I pass over Two Bridges, the West Dart river runs under

Cowsic Bridge B, this is the granite one, the track leads to Beardown Farm

Good grief, a bad horn day!!! Lucifer’s sheep!!

This is the Devonport leat, I’ll follow this for a bit

Lovely views over to Ryders Hill

Into the woods, still following the leat

Longaford Tor and Littaford Tor on the other side of the valley, that’s my return journey. I’m heading up left from here and leaving the leat

A quick look back towards Two Bridges

I’ve already walked through the woods back there, Beardown Tor is behind me

2 of the 3 Beardown Tors

Longaford Tor and Higher White Tor and as the sky gets darker!! Two Beardown Tors in the foreground. I’m heading to the right one now

Ryders Hill is the backdrop from the Beardown Tor with the military post on it

The third of the Beardown’s on the left, not going that way though. I’m heading down and right. Lydford Tor on the hill beyond

West Dart Weir, where the Devonport leat starts

My next target is Crow Tor up on the hill there, I contour left so as I keep my feet dry!!

Starting the climb to Crow Tor looking back along the West Dart river, Longaford Tor up on the left

From Crow Tor, Beardown Tor right and Longaford Tor left

Left centre is Beardown tor and Lydford Tor can just be seen to the right of centre

Great view along the West Dart valley, Longaford left and Beardown right again. I will cross the West Dart at this point and head for Lower White Tor

On Lower White Tor, looking down towards Cherrybrook Rocks. Fernworthy Forest is back right

Looking out along the Cherrybrook from Cherrybrook Rocks

Rippon Tor stands proud to the right, Saddle Tor centre and Haytor just peeping up to the left

On Higher White Tor, looking to Longaford Tor and beyond

Spinning around I can see Cut Hill (high point at the back). Lower White Tor is to the right

A short walk and stiff climb to the top of Longaford Tor. The reward a view along the next part of my route

Beardown Tor to the left and the West Dart Weir below it can also just be seen

On Littaford Tor looking to Little Bee Tor

On Little Bee Tor with the West Dart valley to the right

Parliament seat on Crockern Tor, where the 4 stannary towns would meet. Sir Walter Raleigh sat here in the 1600s

Looking back along the West Dart valley, Longaford Tor is the pointy tor to the right

Crockern Farm with Longaford Tor peeping out from behind the trees as I reach the car park


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