Rough Tor

It has been a while since I’ve taken a walk along the ridge to one of my favourite tors, Longaford Tor. I decided to lengthen the walk a bit and add in Higher and Lower White Tors before heading to Rough Tor. I still wanted to return along the Devonport Leat which meant a visit to Crow Tor was also possible. So a total of 8 tors and a first visit to the ruin of Tom Brown’s house. Cracking day out.

Start – Two Bridges
Route – Crockern TorLittaford TorLittle Bee TorLongaford TorHigher White TorLower White TorBrown’s HouseRough Tor = Crow TorWest Dart WeirDevonport LeatTwo Bridges
Distance – 7.5 miles    Start time – 11.15am     Time taken – 4 1/2hrs    Highest Point – Rough Tor 547m
Weather – Lots of sun
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Rough Tor 1

Starting out along the path to Crockern Farm, Longaford Tor can be seen in the distance with Beardwon Forest left which is part of my return journey

Rough Tor 2

Longaford Tor and Higher White Tor as I start climbing to Crockern Tor

Rough Tor 3

Crockern Tor ahead

Rough Tor 4

The view from Crockern Tor

Rough Tor 5

The route ahead

Rough Tor 6

Looking to the right to Belliver Forest on the right and Fernworthy Forest in the distance

Rough Tor 7

Littaford Tor with the West Dart Valley on the right

Rough Tor 8

Looking across to Beardown Tor

Rough Tor 9

Little Bee Tor, looking back to Littaford Tor and Crockern Tor

Rough Tor 10

On Longaford Tor now looking to my aim for the day, Rough Tor. Cut Hill in the sun behind to the right

Rough Tor 11

The next objective though is Higher White Tor

Rough Tor 12

Belliver Forest from Longaford Tor

Rough Tor 13

Another view back along the ridge walked

Rough Tor 14

Higher White Tor summit

Rough Tor 15

Over the stile with Lower White Tor on the left of the photo

Rough Tor 16

Looking back to Higher White Tor from Lower

Rough Tor 17

Decent views to the east

Rough Tor 18

Tom Brown’s House with Beardown Tor in the distance

Rough Tor 19

Rough Tor ahead

Rough Tor 20

Longaford Tor on the far right from the climb to Rough Tor

Rough Tor 21

Rough Tor summit is littered with military obs posts and firing range boundary markers.

Rough Tor 22

And the obligatory flag pole

Rough Tor 23

Crow Tor down on the right and Longaford Tor in the centre

Rough Tor 24

The West Dart Valley from Crow Tor

Rough Tor 25

Looking to Beardown Tor from Crow Tor

Rough Tor 26

Looking back to Crow Tor

Rough Tor 27

And across to Longaford Tor

Rough Tor 28

West Dart Weir

Rough Tor 29

Walking along the Devonport Leat with the West Dart River below and Wistman’s Wood opposite

Rough Tor 30

Devonport Leat

Rough Tor 31

Still following the leat through Beardown Forest

Rough Tor 32

Two Bridges

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