Three Barrows, Wacka Tor and Corringdon Ball

Another walk on the edge of Dartmoor, however this one also walks a bit into the moor before returning to the edge. This one follows, yet again, a short drive. For those that question it, a week earlier the NHS has seen it fit to send me for a diabetic eye screening to this distance away from from home (which then meant I couldn’t drive home for 2 hours afterwards due to dilated pupils!!), despite there being dozens of opticians between me and my target. This walk took advantage of the Wrangaton golf course car park and the lack of golfers, in fact lots of others had the same idea. From the car park I set out on a steep climb to Ugborough Beacon before heading towards Three Barrows along a busy Two Moors Way. Luckily after this I turned east to Wacka Tor (one of the best names on the moor), this was a quieter spot until it got busier again at Corringdon Ball Gate. The sun shone all the way around and I found a lovely little spot at Owley Bridge, perfect for spring and what would be a good paddling spot for those summer days. The weather was almost like summer out of the wind!

Start – South Brent parking

Route – Ugborough Beacon – Spurrells Cross – Two Moors Way – Butterdon Stone RowHobajons Cross – Piles Hill – Sharp Tor – Three Barrows – Wacka Tor – Corringdon Ball Gate – Owley Bridge – Cheston – Shute Cross – Wrangaton Golf Course

Distance – 8.5 miles    Start time – 10am    Time taken – 4hrs 15mins Highest Point – Three Barrows 464 metres

Weather – Sunshine and blue skies, colder in the easterly wind

© Crown copyright 2021 Ordnance Survey FL 2021 SF
Before heading to park I passed this Dartmoor National Park marker at the southernmost edge of Dartmoor, Stowford Bridge
Looking across the golf course at Wrangaton, with Ugborough Beacon rising on the right
A framed Brent Hill
Starting to climb steeply up Ugborough Beacon, Brent Hill left and South Hams stretching away
After much huffing and pugging I reached the summit of Ugborough Beacon. Corringdon Ball is the nearest hill behind that is the hills around Shipley Bridge
Corringdon Ball again on the right now, and back left is Three Barrows which is my outward leg. The green section with trees in the centre holds the Glaze Brook
Leaving Ugborough Beacon now and looking across to Western Beacon left and Butterdon Hill right, neither of these are on todays menu
Spurrell’s Cross, this cross was on the monks route from Plympton Priory and Buckfast
An unnamed pool and views to Plymouth and the china clay pits around Lee Moor
I’m on the Two Moors Way path here, Piles Hill is on the left and Three Barrows back right. There were lots of people on this track so I left it to follow the grassy path alongside the Butterdon Hill Stone Row
The clump of trees down there is near to Harford gate and holds a small reservoir, views towards Plymouth beyond
Hobajons Cross, the stone it sits on is part of the Butterdon Hill Stone row
The row seems to continue north a bit further from this point, the tallest of the stones along the row and the one nearest to Piles Hill
On Piles Hill now looking at Sharp Tor (with a shade of cloud on it) and Three Barrows back right
Not too sure what this was to be honest, OS mapping, Uni project? Either way a Land Rover and another huge 4×4 had driven up along the Two Moors Way and parked here to do whatever it is they do with that thing. The 4×4 then left and drove towards Leftlake.
On Sharp Tor now and time for a brew with one of the finer views in these parts as company. That’s the River Erme wriggling away below, with Stalldown Barrow where I was two weeks ago (here). Langcombe Hill at the back
And to my west is more of the River Erme as it leaves Dartmoor towards Harford
There is also a large cairn at Sharp Tor (in fact large stony cairns are a thing in this part of the moor). That is Wacka Tor over there and Brent Hill peeking out to its right
To the south looking back towards Piles Hill, Butterdon Hill and Ugborough Beacon back left
Still on the stony cairn at Sharp Tor I look across to Sharp Tor itself and views to Plymouth Sound. Sharp Tor can be deceiving as it drops sharply (in name as well) down showing more rock from below than it does from above
On Three Barrows now with its trig point. Wacka Tor is my next target down there on the left
North of Three Barrows is a great wasteland of hills, not a lot of rock, bogs and mining
Wacka Tor, with Ugborough Beacon on the right and what looks like a tiny Brent Hill on the left
Looking back up to Three Barrows from Wacka Tor
I’m heading next down towards the right hand edge of that green field down there. Corringdon Ball is the hill next to the green field and Ugborough Beacon tot he right of that
Having dropped down around 100 metres, Brent Hill on the right looks a bit bigger than from up on Wacka Tor. On the left is Grippers Hill and those with a bit of zoom will see Shipley Tor sitting at this end of it.
This is the Long Barrow at Corringdon Ball and behind me is….
Corringdon Ball Gate, Corringdon Ball itself (the hill) is up on my right here
New calves Corringdon Ball
This is the lane down from Corringdon Ball Gate heading towards Owley
A bit of spring along the lane. Owley Bridge is down there in the valley below
I was trying to work out work the hill is in the picture in the distance. I’m going for Piles Hill as I’m just above Owley Bridge and looking north west ish
A very pretty looking Owley Bridge in the spring
Walking the lanes back to the car now. Brent Hill in view with South Brent is the village
Lady’s Wood on the right (another Dartmoor 365 spot). I could have gone through this gate, turned left and walked back to the car, for some reason I chose to walk the lanes
The road sign and signs give it away
Lots of spring out today
And back to the car park after a fantastic walk with some great weather, corner is being turned both in weather and the current lockdown

5 thoughts on “Three Barrows, Wacka Tor and Corringdon Ball

    • It was superb to have such good weather. I’m looking at South Wales at the moment, for an ascent of Pen Y fan. Perhaps June or July, I’m guessing midweek is better, but I could do Friday and bring the boys for a Saturday climb. Or is that too popular and madness?


      • If it’s a nice day Pen y Fan can be mad busy at weekends. Car Parking is the problem. I know some quieter spots to park and still take in some classic sections


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