Three Barrows

This was my first walk after work this year, the weather in the day promised much however once out of Plymouth and up above Ivybridge it became clear that any view was going to be a hazy one. As a result the photos aren’t the best but its an area I love walking in and I’m sure to be back soon, as its a great area for an evening walk being so close to home. This was also my first visit to Piles Copse, and whilst its not as large or popular as Wistmans Wood, its quiet intimacy makes it a great place for a wild camp. The climb up to Three Barrows was tough however once up the rest of the walk was fairly simple, I could have made it easier by following the Two Moors Way path but I was visiting the tops of the tors so I used the Butterdon Hill Stone Row path instead. It was good to be out after a tough week in work.

Start – Harford car park
Route – Piles Copse – Piles Corner – Three BarrowsWacka TorSharp TorPiles HillButterdon Stone RowHangershell Rock – Harford car park
Distance – 5 1/4 miles    Start time – 5.50pm     Time taken –  3hrs    Highest Point – Three Barrows 464m
Weather – Very, very hazy, lots of cloud with bits of sun
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Three Barrows 1

Start of the walk with Sharp Tor on the right, I’m heading round the bottom left of that tor to get to Piles Copse and then round the back of it to get to Three Barrows which is behind it!

Three Barrows 2

The evening sun pierces the cloud over Penn Beacon

Three Barrows 3

Piles Copse with Stalldown Barrow up on the left

Three Barrows 4

Looking back through Piles Copse to Hanger Down

Three Barrows 5

And the other way as the River Erme wiggles north between Stalldown (left) and Three Barrows (right)

Three Barrows 6

Three Barrows summit

Three Barrows 7

My next target, Wacka Tor!

Three Barrows 8

Eastern White Barrow up on the left

Three Barrows 9

Penn Beacon, Shell Top, Lee Moor and Langcombe Hill from left to right

Three Barrows 10

On Wacka Tor now, looking down to Brent Hill

Three Barrows 11

Looking the other way back up to Three Barrows right and my next target Sharp Tor left

Three Barrows 12

On Sharp Tor with some dramatic sky beyond Stalldown Barrow

Three Barrows 13

Wacka Tor from Sharp Tor

Three Barrows 14

Ugborough Beacon left and Butterdon Hill centre

Three Barrows 15

Looking down to Piles Copse in the Erme valley from Sharp Tor

Three Barrows 16

At this point it looked as though there may be a decent sunset

Three Barrows 17

I made it to Piles Hill with the setting sun still out, Sharp Tor on the right

Three Barrows 18

By the time I’d walked along Butterdon stone row the sun was behind clouds again, looking back here to Piles Hill with Three Barrows behind that

Three Barrows 19

My last stop off was Hangershell Rock, here looking west

Three Barrows 20

These lambs were having fun springing up and down on and off the rocks

Three Barrows 21

Just a glimpse of the sun as it set through the haze on my way back to Harford Gate


4 thoughts on “Three Barrows

  1. Looks like it was a lovely evening walk. I am always so happy when the days start getting longer and there is still daylight for a while after I get off work. The photos where the sunlight is breaking through the clouds are especially nice. And, of course, I always love the lambs. These looks like they were wearing black socks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re the same as me, I much prefer the longer days. The lambs are great at this time of year, plenty of bleating from them as I walk around and always a response from their mothers who are never far away.

      Liked by 1 person

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