Old Hill Tor and Wacka Tor

As with many people, I was in need of a walk after the excess of Christmas and to get some fresh air. Starting from Shipley Bridge gives plenty of options including this one to an area not visited before and then to my favourite named tor on Dartmoor, Wacka Tor! The boys were in high spirits and keen to get around as fast as possible to allow more time to play with Christmas presents and see their cousins. It was a good walk although the hopping over Bala Brook took some time and effort. The weather for the next few days is set fair so I’ll be out with the boys again no doubt.

Start – Shipley Bridge parking
Route – Avon WTW –  Old Hill Tor –  Wacka Tor –  near Ball Gate – Zeal – Shipley Bridge
Distance –  4 miles    Start time – 10.50am     Time taken –  3hrs  Highest Point – Wacka Tor 406metres
Weather – Grey, cold wind on the tops
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


River Avon


The boys still full of Christmas cheer by the River Avon


Climbing up to the Avon WTW with Shipley Tor on the hill the other side


Avon Water Treatment works, Wacka Tor is the high point at the back, we’ll be there later


Views to South Hams


Avon WTW on the other side of the hill now as we climb to Old Hill Tor. The trench infront of us, which we have just crossed, holds Red Brook and is called Henchertraw in the Dartmoor 365 book


Old Hill Tor and my youngest


Brent Hill behind my eldest


Some hot chocolate and two packs of quavers seems to have perked them up a bit!! Eastern White Barrow is the the far distance to the right of the boys


We found a fair bit of ice in the puddles up here


Karate chop!!!!


On Wacka Tor now with Three Barrows to the right and Sharp Tor left


Old Hill Tor nearest to us and Eastern White Barrow again in the far distance


Ugborough Beacon from Wacka Tor


Happy on Wacka Tor


The cows surround Ball Gate so we cut the corner and head down to the road along the lane


Brent Hill beyond the gate


Avon WTW far left as we near the road and the car park


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