Leftlake, Three Barrows and Ugborough Beacon

I’m enjoying this go where I want element to my walking at the moment. For the previous year the task has been to finish the tors on my list. Now I have the freedom of Dartmoor again! This walk started out as probably 5 or 6 miles, however I added on lots of extra parts, like walking through Piles Copse, Leftlake and Ugborough Beacon. It was a lovely walk and made better by the feeling that spring is coming, I saw frogspawn so it can’t be far away!! The area behind Three Barrows is an area I haven’t been to before and seeing Leftlake and the area north means I will be back.

Start – Harford parking
Route – Piles Copse –  LeftlakeThree BarrowsSharp TorPiles HillHobajons CrossSpurrells CrossUgborough BeaconEastern BeaconWestern BeaconBlack poolButterdon HillHangershell Rock – Harford parking
Distance –  10 miles    Start time – 12.30pm     Time taken –  4 hrs 45mins  Highest Point – Three Barrows 464metres
Weather – Some sunshine, lots of cloud and breezy on the tops

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Starting out, I’m heading for the dip in the distance which holds Piles Copse

The sun pops out for a bit to light up the view

Passing under Sharp Tor, I’ll be up there in an hour or so

Piles Copse, I can imagine in the dark this place could be a bit spooky

Climbing out of Piles Copse and looking over the trees up the River Erme

Frogspawn, it must be spring

Great view back over Piles Copse along the Erme

And from further up, Sharp Tor to the left

Leftlake, the bridge would have carried the Puffing Billy railway to Redlake (further north) and now carries the Two Moors Way. The hill behind is Three Barrows

Wilderness behind Leftlake

The clay mine has been filled with water, hence the lake, with the bridge at the far end

On Three Barrows, looking to the green of South Hams

I’m heading this way next, to Sharp Tor, down on the right

Lee Moor forming a backdrop

Sharp Tor cairn looking towards Plymouth

The same cairn looking to Ugborough Beacon, back left

From Sharp Tor you get this brilliant view down to the River Erme and beyond to Plymouth Sound

From the same spot looking north along the Erme to Lee Moor

Looking back to Sharp Tor with Three Barrows at the back with a bit of sun on it

By Piles Hill is the start of the Butterdon Stone Row, which runs for 2km in this direction to the hill in the distance (Butterdon Hill)

Not far from Piles HIll is Hobajons Cross, carved into one of the stones

Hobajons Cross has a good view west

A short distance away is Spurrells Cross, this cross was on the monks path from Buckfast to Plympton Priory, that’s Ugborough Beacon behind, where I’m heading next

Dappled sunlight from Ugborough Beacon

Ugborough Beacon

The shapley tor (middle right of photo) is Three Barrows, where I was an hour or so ago

South Hams stretches out below Eastern Beacon, with its telegraph pole!!

Looking from Eastern Beacon back up to Ugborough Beacon

Western Beacon is next up, with Butterdon Hill to the right

Sunbursts across Plymouth from Western Beacon

Looking back to Ugborough Beacon on the right, with Butterdon Hill (up next) on the left

Lovely sunlight across Hanger Down, with the clump (the group of trees) easily seen

Western Beacon behind Black pool (no not the seaside town), as I climb Butterdon Hill

Butterdon trig and cairn, with Three Barrows in the distance

Where I’ve been, Sharp Tor and Three Barrows from Butterdon Hill

Sunburst to the west

Hangershell Rock is the last port of call before the car

Hangershell Rock

The car park is to the right of the trees down there, I need to head further right though as the area between is very boggy

Sky and silhouettes as I head for the car


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