Legis Tor and Ringmoor Stone Row

The weather this week has hit typical winter weather, probably the type we would normally associate with November. A freezing cold strong wind, rain then sun, followed by black cloud with hail, sunny patches, then rain and then sun to follow. Pack every type of clothing!! This was one of those days, it rained 3 times, hailed once and had sunny parts twice, the wind was a constant. Roll on the warm spring days! This is a part of Dartmoor I’ve meant to come back to, especially Legis Tor. I added on the part through to Ditsworthy as I haven’t walked that way before and then headed up to Gutter Tor. I’m not sure why I haven’t been to Ringmoor in the past but I’ve obviously walked around it and missed it out, I’ve put that right today. This is such an easy walking area for all ages.

Start – Gutter Tor parking
Route – Brisworthy Stone Circle –  Legis TorDitsworthy Warren HouseGutter TorRingmoor Stone Row and Circle – Gutter Tor parking
Distance –  4 1/2 miles    Start time – 11am     Time taken –  2 hrs Highest Point – Gutter Tor 350metres
Weather – Sunshine, rain, cloud, rain, sunshine, strong wind throughout!!
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


Starting out in the sun, its along the trees and turn right


Looking back I’ve got about 10 minutes before I get wet


Maybe I’ll just look forwards and pretend nothing is happening behind me


Legis Tor, I’m heading there in a minute


First a stop at Brisworthy Stone circle and a chance to put the raincover on the rucksack and pull my hood up as the rain starts. Legis Tor looks dark over there!


As the rain clears I look out from Legis Tor to Gutter Tor up on the right


First though I’m heading to the clump of trees over there which hold Ditsworthy Warren House


Shadyback Tor from Legis Tor, sitting on the side of the Plym that tor probably doesn’t get many visitors


Walking along an area I haven’t been in before, the River Plym is there on the right and my own stream made by plenty of showers just below me, Ditsworthy Warren getting closer


Through the gate and looking back from where I’ve been (up on the right). That’s the Trowlesworthy Tors on the left


Ditsworthy Warren House


And the path to Gutter Tor, where I’m heading next


The Gutter Tor sentinel


Eylesbarrow is the high point to the left from Gutter Tor and a brew stop


More blue sky approaches as I look west over to North Hessary Tor and the mast


The hills of Cornwall come into view now


The bulk of Sheeps Tor with Leather Tor and Sharpitor to the right


Gutter Tor trig, dedicated to the men and women of the Dartmoor search and rescue


Gutter Tor trig with Gutter Tor itself behind


One of the paths to Legis Tor and a big rain storm behind


My eyes played tricks on me for a while here, the black dots on the ground are birds. I could hear them but not until I got to here, could I see them


They did a bit of the swooping thing, like starlings ready to roost


A fine sight


Ringmoor Stone Circle with Legis Tor, Hen Tor, Lee Moor and the Trowlesworthy Tors behind


Looking back along the stone row with Gutter Tor up on the right


Almost back at the trees and another approaching shower means I pick up pace to beat it to the car!!


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