Warren Point walk

Something different today, the weather on the moors hasn’t been the best this week and doesn’t look like changing for a fair few more days at least. Strong winds, low cloud and lots of drizzle seem to be the order of the day. However today the weather on the coast was forecast to be dry with the cloud still low ish. A coastal walk is therefore a perfect substitute. The walk around the Warren Point is a brilliant circular with plenty of options to make it longer or shorten it, depending on where you start. There are three car parks along the top, one at the Warren Cottage, one a Stoke Point and the other at Revelstoke Caravan park, all are NT owned and there’s an honesty box to put a few pennies in. You can also park in Noss Mayo and finish in the pubs down there at the end of a 10 mile round. I chose an 8 mile walk, missing out the part into Noss Mayo.

Start – Stoke Point parking
Route – Stoke Cross –  Revelstoke Caravan Park – St Peters the poor fisherman church – Stoke Point – Coastguards – Warren Cottage – The Warren – Yealm Estuary – Worswell Barton – Warren parking – Netton – Stoke Point parking
Distance –  8 miles    Start time – 12.30pm     Time taken –  3 hrs 15mins Highest Point – Trig Point by Worswell Barton 110metres
Weather – Some sunshine in the middle, lots of cloud either side and breezy all round

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Car park info board. The majority of this walk is along the coastal path which was created by the Lord of Revelstoke, Edward Baring, so he could take his visitors on a 9 mile circular carriage ride along some stunning scenery.

Entering Revelstoke caravan park, follow the main path down to the right and past the church

The Church of the Poor Fisherman, a 13th century church looked after by the church conservation trust

Leaving the caravan park on my left and looking across to Stoke Beach, the tea house is on the top right of shot

Stoke Point looking to Netton Island

The sun came out here and it was lovely walking to coastguards. Looking back to Stoke Point

Horse and carriage along here!! Coastguards is ahead on the next part

Lovely scenery

Coastguards, camping here is very doable, with a bit of protection if you camp behind the house and a fireplace in the station so bring wood!!

The Mewstone is visible one way

And the way I’ve come from out the other

Looking back across the yellow gorse to Coastguards

Still plenty to walk to get to the turning point, the Mewstone dead ahead

Ok, 9 immovable cows were not on the plan for today!!!

A nervous hop over the fence to the right and a glare back at the immovable bovine!!

Wembury Bay, the Mewstone to the left

One hardy sailor sets out from the Yealm, the church at Wembury is above the spit of rock sticking out into the sea above the yacht

Rounding the corner and heading into the Yealm, one last look at the Mewstone

Into the Yealm estuary

The Yealm estuary

The path through the woodland as I head down into Noss Mayo, I will turn off before getting that far though

Turning point, I’m heading right and severely uphill

About 6 years ago I pushed a pram up here with my littlest in it, I think I’d need an ambulance if I did it again. The Yealm Estuary behind with Newton Ferrers across the water

Spring has sprung in Netton as I near the car

Across the fields as I head along lanes and back to the car


One thought on “Warren Point walk

  1. I know the North coast pretty well but rarely head to South side. Very different with its estuaries and rolling hills. Like the idea of a night at the ruined cottage 😀


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