Wild Tor and Watern Tor

First big walk of 2016, the weather was set fair for the majority of the day (more of that later), so I decided to head east to new territory around Fernworthy Forest and Scorhill. I planned to do the loop in reverse from my actual walk but I wanted to see the ruin at Teignhead Farm more than the tors around Thornworthy, so I headed that way first. it was a great walk which would have been even better had the forecasted rain arrived when it should have. The ground underfoot was boggy to say the least and the paths are pretty average around these parts once out of the forest. Still the sun shone for a large part and its an area I’m looking forward to returning to.

Start – Fernworthy Forest
Route – Fernworthy ForestSandeman Bridge –  Fernworthy CircleTeignhead Clapper BridgeTeignhead FarmManga RockWatern TorWild Tor – Gallaven Mire – Rival TorScorhill Stone CircleScorhill TorTolmen StoneWalla Brook ClapperTeign-e-ver Clapper – Batworthy Corner – Kes TorMiddle Tor – South Teign river
Distance – 12 miles    Start time – 10.30am     Time taken –  6 hrs    Highest Point – Wild Tor 531m
Weather – Sunny for most of the walk, rain and cloud from Scorhill Tor
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Wild Tor 1

Fernworthy Reservoir, Thornworthy Tor up on the left

Wild Tor 2

Looking to the dam end of Fernworthy Reservoir

Wild Tor 3

No prizes for guessing where this is!

Wild Tor 4

The forest track over Sandeman Bridge

Wild Tor 5

Fernworthy Circle

Wild Tor 6

Assycombe Hill up on the right from the track through Fernworthy

Wild Tor 7

Heading for Teignhead Farm in the trees over there, as I leave Fernworthy Forest

Wild Tor 8

Manga Hill up on the left and Kennon Hill in the distance

Wild Tor 9

Teignhead Farm clapper bridge

Wild Tor 10

And the ruins of Teignhead Farm

Wild Tor 11

Looking back with Sittaford Tor above Teignhead Farm

Wild Tor 12

Pathless up here as I look across to Whitehorse Hill

Wild Tor 13

Manga Rock with Cosdon Hill back left

Wild Tor 14

The North Teign river wiggling across Gidleigh Common from Manga Rock

Wild Tor 15

Looking down to the second half of Watern Tor, with Wild Tor, Steeperton Tor, Belstone Tor and Cosdon Hill (left to right)

Wild Tor 16

Beautifull weather and views from Wild Tor

Wild Tor 17

Looking the other way to High Willhays and Yes Tor from Wild Tor

Wild Tor 18

Steeperton Tor left and Cosdon Hill right

Wild Tor 19

Looking back to Watern Tor

Wild Tor 20

At this point I’d lost the path a bit through Galleven Mire (it was about a hundred metres to my left!!)

Wild Tor 21

On Rival Tor now looking to prominent Kes Tor

Wild Tor 22

Watern Tor on the left and Wild Tor to the right, a fair old hike from here!!

Wild Tor 23

The Walla Brook below and Fernworthy Forest beyond from Rival Tor

Wild Tor 24

Hang on a moment, that’s rain and its not due for two hours!!! Scorhill Stone Circle in the foreground

Wild Tor 25

That’s heading my way!

Wild Tor 26

On Scorhill Tor and plans for 4 more tors are scrapped as the weather closes in. The North Teign river down to the left

Wild Tor 27

Kes Tor can just be seen from Scorhill Tor

Wild Tor 28

Tolmen Stone and its hole

Wild Tor 29

Now over the Walla Brook clapper

Wild Tor 30

And the Teign-e-ven clapper

Wild Tor 31

To Kes Tor, looking back to Batworthy corner

Wild Tor 32

Middle Tor is the last of the day and its down there!

Wild Tor 33

A revisit needed here as the view should be better than this from Middle Tor, Thornworthy Tor can just be seen! From here I crossed under the Fernworthy Dam and headed to the car


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