A bit of snow on Foggin Tor

Well there was a bit of snow on Dartmoor, however with things to do on a Saturday morning it was mid afternoon before we got up to it. A lot had melted, some made into snowmen and enough thrown at me by my boys!!! It was a bit of fun, a short walk and a chance to see the quarry at Foggin Tor and some lovely views as the sun set. We need some more of the white stuff please Mr Weatherman!!!

Start – Roadside B3357
Route – Yellowmeade Farm – Foggin Tor quarry – Foggin Tor – roadside B3357
Distance – 2 miles    Start time – 14.45pm     Time taken –  1 1/2hrs    Highest Point – Foggin Tor 412m
Weather – Sunny, some cloud and some snow on the ground
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Foggin Tor 1

Lovely views to Kings Tor, and some snow as we start out

Foggin Tor 2

The B3357 which eventually leads to Tavistock, Cornwall in the distance

Foggin Tor 3

Lost count of the number of snowballs I had hit me!!

Foggin Tor 4

Yellowmeade Farm along the lane to the right in the foreground with Foggin Tor and its quarry behind which is via the left path.

Foggin Tor 5

Great Mis Tor behind us

Foggin Tor 6

The 3 Staple Tors

Foggin Tor 7

A few people seen on Kings Tor

Foggin Tor 8

Lovely silhouettes on the quarry buildings at Foggin Tor

Foggin Tor 9

Still at it!!

Foggin Tor 10

Swell Tor and the sun shining over Plymouth Sound

Foggin Tor 11

Great Mis Tor right, White Tor in the centre and Roos Tor left

Foggin Tor 12

Foggin Tor quarry

Foggin Tor 13

Sharpitor from Foggin Tor

Foggin Tor 14

The TV mast on North Hessary Tor

Foggin Tor 15

Lovely views from Foggin Tor

Foggin Tor 16

Mirror finish in the quarry

Foggin Tor 17

My boys on Foggin Tor

Foggin Tor 18


Foggin Tor 19

That silhouette again

Foggin Tor 20

Kings Tor sunset

Foggin Tor 21

Back at the car and Pew Tor to the right of Kings Tor


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