A quick walk around Crockern Tor

Finally the weather turned, after a horrible Saturday with high winds and heavy rain, Sunday broke with blue skies. Another storm was heading in from the Atlantic bringing more horrible stuff so a quick walk was needed this morning. I headed to Two Bridges and took advantage of the easy walk up to Crockern Tor before heading round to the farm of the same name and then to Two Bridges. It clouded over just as I was in sight of the car, which was perfect timing!

Start – Parson’s Cottage on B3212
Route – Crocken Tor – Crockern Tor Farm – Two Bridges – Parson’s Cottage
Distance – A mile maybe    Start time – 10.30am     Time taken –  30mins    Highest Point – Crockern Tor 403m
Weather – Sunny and blue sky, very soggy underfoot
Crockern 1

Looking to the mast at Princetown from the simple climb to Crockern Tor

Crockern 2

Nice to see the blue sky

Crockern 3

Looking to Princetown from Crockern Tor

Crockern 4

Beardown Tor from Crockern Tor

Crockern 5

The path to Littaford and Longaford Tors, but not today

Crockern 6

The dark looking Bellever Tor, with a hazy Haytor in the far distance

Crockern 7

In the West Dart valley with Longaford Tor in the distance

Crockern 8

Crockern Tor farm, a cracking blog about this place can be found here

Crockern 9

The road bridge at Two Bridges

Crockern 10

Royal Hill up on the right, Ryders Hill far left

Crockern 11

Crockern Tor ahead, from the road back to the car as the cloud comes in overhead


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