Fernworthy Reservoir to Buttern Hill and back

It had been a couple of weeks since my last walk and I was getting itchy feet. I’d planned on returning to this area, as my last walk here resulted in getting soaked and the cloud dropping completely on the last two tors, meaning I had to cut short the walk. This walk allowed me to visit the two tors I missed, alongside visiting others in better weather. It was a great walk and although it involved a bit of criss-crossing of routes there is enough history and tors to visit to not feel like you are re-covering old ground. The only downside was the horseflies and midges which were out on force around the reservoir, leaving me pickled with bites. Insect repellent needed!!

Start – Fernworthy reservoir
Route – Fernworthy DamThornworthy Tor –  The Longstone Stone TorTeign-e-ver Clapper BridgeWalla Brook BridgeScorhill Stone CircleButtern HillButtern Hill Stone CircleScorhill TorTolmen StoneKes TorMiddle Tor – Fernworthy Reservoir
Distance – 8 miles    Start time – 11am     Time taken –  4 hrs 15mins    Highest Point – Kes Tor 437m
Weather – Lots of cloud, but high enough not to worry. The cloud dropped and it rained on my way home
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Buttern Hill 1

At the start of the walk a tranquil looking Fernworthy Reservoir

Buttern Hill 2

And the Dam

Buttern Hill 3

The foxgloves are out above Fernworthy

Buttern Hill 4

Heading up to Thornworthy Tor and looking across Fernworthy Forest

Buttern Hill 5

The reservoir from the top of Thornworthy Tor, Assycombe Hill at the back

Buttern Hill 6

Cosdon Hill in the distance, my next stop is The Longstone, which is half way up the hill past the wall. There are two men on the path to it, The Longstone is just to the right of them

Buttern Hill 7

As if by magic I’m here, looking back at where I was!

Buttern Hill 8

And a bit later I’ll be over there on Kes Tor

Buttern Hill 9

After about 20 minutes I made it to Stone Tor, which is really more of a hill with a long wall across the top. Looking back here to Thornworthy Tor

Buttern Hill 10

Kes Tor can just be seen on the right, my next target (Teign-e-ver Clapper Bridge) is just to the left of those trees over there. The paths on the hill opposite take me in that direction

Buttern Hill 11

Cosdon Beacon across Gallaven Mire from Stone Tor

Buttern Hill 12

Along the path to Teign-e-ver Clapper Bridge there were a number of stone circles and walls, all part of Shovel Down settlement

Buttern Hill 13


Buttern Hill 14

As promised here I am at Teign-e-ver Clapper Bridge, Watern Tor in the distance

Buttern Hill 15

Here you get two bridges for the price of one, this one is 30 metres from the other and is called the Walla Brook Clapper Bridge, no prizes for guessing the waterway under it! Scorhill Tor up on the hill behind, I’ll be there later.

Buttern Hill 16

The North Teign river can be seen heading to the bridges with Watern Tor and Manga Hill beyond

Buttern Hill 17

A busy Scorhill Stone Circle

Buttern Hill 18

The group I’ve just past back there were singing Bohemian Rhapsody, not sure the Scorhill ancestors would approve!!

Buttern Hill 19

Up on Buttern Hill now and I’m at the furthest point from the car, here looking east

Buttern Hill 20

Hameldown is the big bulky hill to the right with Haytor just visible to the left of it

Buttern Hill 21

Buttern Hill Stone Circle, seen better days!!

Buttern Hill 22

Approaching Scorhill Tor and a group of Dartmoor ponies, with Kes Tor on the other side of the trees

Buttern Hill 23

Before I head to Kes Tor, I drop down to the North Teign river to visit……..

Buttern Hill 24

The river obviously and…..

Buttern Hill 25

The Tolmen Stone with its hole

Buttern Hill 26

The cloud starts to gather and lower in the west, luckily I’m on Kes Tor now and not far to go. Here looking back to Batworthy Corner, Watern Tor and Steeperton Tor in the distance

Buttern Hill 27

One last look at Cosdon Beacon

Buttern Hill 28

Hameldown Beacon with my last tor, Middle Tor in the foreground

Buttern Hill 29

My first tor from my last, Thornworthy Tor from Middle Tor

Buttern Hill 30

Looking south across some deforested land to Easdon Tor

Buttern Hill 31

After crossing some boggy ground I’m heading around Thornworthy Tor. Fernworthy Reservoir comes back into view. The small clump of trees to the left is where the gate is.

Buttern Hill 32

Slightly darker clouds now than when I set off, but its been a good day out.


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