Wild camp at Harford Gate

Good weather means a chance to camp on Dartmoor, I’d promised the boys a camp at Harford gate which they’d spied last year when we walked through here. The Dartmoor national park allows camping in lots of spots within the park boundary, here, and this is a good one. We setup quite quickly and my youngest got the water boiling and we were set. I was glad we did as another group arrived, looked at us as if to say, you are in our spot, and then skulked off downstream a bit. We are already planning our next one!!

© Crown copyright 2018 Ordnance Survey FL 2018 SF

Tent’s up and brew time

We’d taken a disposable BBQ which we balanced on stones to stop it burning the grass. Burgers and sausage on the go

Another brew!!

Burgers in the sunshine, excellent

Our little spot

Hangershell Rock up on the horizon

Looks like a bit of rain to the north, but we didn’t have any until a brief shower around 9am the next morning

After a decent nights sleep my youngest got the water on the go again, a great night, good food, great exploring of the area. We will be doing it again soon.


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