The beacons after the storm (Callum)

It hadn’t been a good weather week, in fact I wasn’t sure any walk was on at the weekend, as the heavy rain and wind kept me indoors. However hope on Sunday afternoon of a break surfaced and I took the opportunity. It was only a short walk, with a steep up and back down, great views to South Hams and the sea, as well as into southern Dartmoor. The walk took no more than an hour and I saw a few families on Ugborough Beacon making the most of the drier weather to get out. The golf course at the bottom was pretty busy as well. Hopefully the weather will calm down for a week or so before the nights lengthen too much, making long walks almost impossible.

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That’s Eastern Beacon up there across the golf course. I’ve parked in the golf course car park, which I’m not sure if I can do but there are public footpaths from there and all over the golf course. I’m heading out right of this photo and heading across to Ugborough Beacon first

Just before I start the up part of this walk I look across to South Brent village and Brent Hill

Looking back down the up and across large parts of South Hams. This up is pretty tough and means plenty of stopping to check the view

Ugborough Beacon with Three Barrows the high point in view

There are a few outcrops up here. Blue sky is beyond and glaring off the sea in the distance

A great view up the valley with Three Barrows top left

Western Beacon left and Butterdon Hill to the right from Eastern Beacon. I could easily have included those tops but I wasn’t out for a long walk and I was happy to head back down

Ugborough Beacon from Eastern Beacon, Brent Hill looks dark in the distance

The recognisable post on Eastern Beacon and the south Devon coast beyond

Now to cross the golf course below and head back to the car. South Hams stretches out with a patchwork of fields.


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