Not Dartmoor and not the coast either. This is another venture to make the most of the national trust membership and make an early start on the bank holiday weekend. I’d booked the Friday off so we whisked ourselves off up the A38 towards Exeter. Now I hadn’t been to Killerton before and I was too busy whisking my way along, so much so that I drove past our exit on the M5. An 8 mile up and back brought us off where we should have been 5 minutes ago and a short drive brought us to Killerton. For me the grounds are the highlight here, come in autumn when the leaves are changing colour and you’ll have some fine photos. All in all we walked a mile and a bit in a nice short loop, after having a drink and a shortbread to gain some energy first. I think that’s 6 different Trust places I’ve been to since lockdown lifted, plenty of time to gather some more.

Yours truly getting hydrated, Killerton is behind

The house at Killerton

There are some decent long distance views away from the house

Think I prefer this house to the big one down the hill

War memorial and some more fine views

Big skies

And some big trees. I was taking photos on my phone and it did something weird with this one to get it all in. Its a Giant Redwood, the base is about 3 or 4 metres across

The walk through the trees was fantastic and would be even better in the autumn

A swirly whirly tree, or Sweet Chestnut actually

This was called a chapel on the map. The sunlight shining through the windows made for some fine light inside. I would have taken a pic but there were a few people praying in there

Back at the start, a short walk but a nice afternoon out to start the bank holiday weekend

3 thoughts on “Killerton

  1. These sorts of places were our go-to’s when the kids were young. The houses were interesting, the grounds and gardens made for great short walks and picnics, and there was often a play area.

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