West Dartmoor on a day off

A different day today and not one I’ve done before, first I had a day off work as I had a eye appointment in Ivybridge, which meant I started reasonably early for that. Eye appointment done I had a coffee in Ivybridge and sat in the car looking for a plan. I needed to go to the bank, in person. Now this is difficult in these times as banks have closed at the speed that heating prices are rising currently. So this meant Plymouth City Centre or Tavistock, the latter was the obvious choice. Bank sorted, I had a mooch around and went for a coffee to have a think. I chose the obvious Brent Tor as my next stop, but then decided to add in lots of short walks to tick of Dartmoor 365 squares. I kind of made it up as I went, the plan to be out until around 4pm and then head home. In the end it was a brilliant day and proof again that the Dartmoor 365 book takes you to the best spots on and around the moor.

In Tavistock and the large church in its centre
Opposite the church is the Guildhall, the market is to the right of this building
And about 50 metres from the Guildhall is the Abbey Bridge and the weir
After Tavistock I decided to head for Brentor, however I passed the Ferns Dartmoor 365 square, so stopped for a wander
Views to White Tor and Great Mis Tor at the back
The marker post in the Dartmoor 365 book
Telling the distance between the many towns in the area, including Tavistock and Lydford
Left to right, Lynch Tor, Bagga Tor, Great Mis Tor, Roos Tor and White Tor
Cherry Brook cross, it was here I had the idea to head into Dartmoor proper to the Cherry Brook, but not before….
A visit here. I love this tor, yes its easy to get to and very busy, but I don’t care, its plusses far outway those negatives, the sunsets here are ace and the sunsets to here are even better. The views are great all around.
The north western side of the moor, from Sourton Tor far back left, along past Great Links Tor to Hare Tor and on over Gibbet Hill
Brent Tor church
The views to Cornwall and Bodmin Moor
Inside St Michael de Rupe
Not sure what my phone camera was playing at, as when looking back it at a few photos here it has set itself to blur the foreground and focus on the middle distance, not deliberate from my part, but here Brent Tor is a bit blurred in the foreground and the church is clear!
I headed down to the village of North Brentor after my wander around the tor, here’s the war memorial
And the church of North Brentor, Christ Church
The sports field in Brentor, with Brent Tor in the distance
I’d headed to the farm shop on the edge of Lydford to pick up lunch, the pasty I had was excellent so I stopped here to enjoy it. Here views to Gibbet Hill, with Brent Tor back right
And the other way, there was firing on in the Willsworthy range, that’s White Tor on the right
I had a drive into the centre of Dartmoor next to Higher Cherrybrook Bridge
The Cherry Brook runs under the bridge, Bellever Forest behind
Powdermills is the buildings over there on the right, this area and road is famous for the Hairy Hands tale, where in mist and dark a set of hairy hands would take over the steering wheel of the car and cause an accident. I’ve seen a motorbike go straight on at the bridge down there resulting in an air ambulance pickup
I retreated back along the B3212 towards Rundlestone and parked up here to head to Fice’s Well
The two gates here are on the old Yearlick Ball tramway, you can see the tramway running right to left into the edge of the trees and onwards to Princetown jail. The tramway took peat to the jail
The marker stone on the tramway
The tramway is obvious as it passes through some of the prison farm fields, the well is down on the right where you can see the stream
A clapper over the Blackbrook River, looking back at the prison in the distance
Fice’s well is in the circle wall over there
Fice’s Well, John Fitz and his wife got lost in the area in thick mist, the spring here gave them a drink when they needed it most, and they built this stone well to commemorate the event, The mist lifted after they drank here so they could find their way home. The well is also alleged to fix eye problems, which is an apt place to visit given my eye appointment this morning, hopefully my eyesight is back to perfect again now!
The well and Holming Beam beyond (the trees)
Back along the tramway, with the mast up to the right
Looking back out towards the well, Black Dunghill is in the distance in an area of Dartmoor which can be very boggy and bleak
A fine day of exploring and mooching around, back at the car and proof that lots of little walks can be just as fulfilling as one long walk

2 thoughts on “West Dartmoor on a day off

    • I think for a change it was a good day out, Probably out for about 4 hours in total on Dartmoor (although an hour of that was lunch). A mile or so each walk picking off little hills or areas worked really well.

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