Becky Falls

A damp day and not much chance of it clearing enough to do a decent walk on Dartmoor with the boys. I figured that I would take the opportunity to head to Becky Falls (yep there’s a cost to get in) and tick the Dartmoor 365 box to say I’ve been. To be honest there’s not much in there and the boys were perhaps 5 years older than ideal for the place. But its better than sitting in the house and staring at screens, and to be honest if you feed them a pasty and some cake from a cafe then they are happy. There’s a couple of walks you can do (red and blue routes), we did both of them as it didn’t take too long. As with all waterfalls these are best visited after heavy rains (perhaps March/April time or October), when we visited it was barely a trickle, but we enjoyed the red route walk which cascades down over rocks, boulders and tors to the lower water trickle. Another box ticked which left me with 3 more squares to do on the Dartmoor 365 map, plus a few tors which aren’t on my list but have been named by the previous owners of the attraction.

Sign by the car park, Becky Falls sits not to far away from Manaton and Lustleigh Cleave. The latter of these is where the Becka Brook ends up after tumbling down the rocks
First up was the cafe, which meant feeding time for my boys rather than these two meercats. They have a small sprinkling of animals here (skunk, owl, parrots, goats and a few more) to keep the youngsters happy, my two were eyeing up the pasties
Skunk named Pepe for those old enough to remember the cartoon
The red route is kind of mapped as a one way route, so we followed it down with the falls on our right, the views of the falls weren’t great, firstly because of the lack of water and second the tree. Better views on the return up on the opposite bank from here
Continuing to follow the red route we hit this huge tor, named Red Route Tor! The boys had already been in the cave behind
Wooded, damp and rocky. Plenty of downed trees after the storms in the spring
The lower falls (trickle really). This is where the red route climbs steeply over rocks to start the return back up the hill. We’d walked past another tor at this point
“Its no ordinary rabbit!” Cue plenty of Monty Python Holy Grail quotes from the 3 of us.
The boulders at the bottom of the main waterfall
And there it is up there, not much to it at the start of July I’m afraid!
We’d walked past at least 2 tors on the blue route before we hit this one which I think is Bretts Tor (named after the son of the previous owner). Another nearby is named Luke’s Tor and we’d certainly walked past the Blue Route Tor as well.
Probably my favourite attraction here, he was giving himself a good scratch on the tree and seemed very happy with himself by the end. So a nice little visit of a couple of hours and another box ticked for me.

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