Middle Fell and Seatallan

This was arguably the one walk I did want to do whilst staying on this side of the Lake District. Yes there are higher walks and better paths, but few better views of the Scafells and surrounding mountains than from WastWater and also from Middle Fell. I’d seen plenty of pictures of the panorama from Middle Fell but nothing prepared me for the mouth open, jaw hitting the floor, moment when I got there. It’s a place I would recommend all walkers try to get to and goes in as one of my favourite walks of the year.

Start – Greendale
Route – Middle Fell – Seatallan – Cat Bields – Joss Naylor’s Cairn – Buckbarrow – Greendale
Distance – 5.5 miles    Start time – 10.20am     Time taken –  4 3/4hrs    Highest Point – Seatallan 692m
Weather – Sunny, some cloud, very windy
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Seatallan 1

Britain’s favourite view, along Wastwater to Yewbarrow left, Great Gable in the centre and Lingmell right. Scafell Pike has its head in the cloud further right

Seatallan 2

The Wastwater Screes

Seatallan 3

Middle Fell which is my first target

Seatallan 4

Buckbarrow which is my last

Seatallan 5

One last look before I get on with the walk

Seatallan 6

I’d stopped to take a few photos by the side of Wastwater before driving around to Greendale for the walk. Sunshine as I look back to The Screes on the climb to Middle Fell

Seatallan 7

Greendale Gill

Seatallan 8

All the way out to the Western coast, with Buckbarrow on the right

Seatallan 9

Great view of the Scafells as the clouds lift whilst climbing Middle Fell

Seatallan 10

Buckbarrow on the right and the West Coast beyond

Seatallan 11

Looks like I’ve timed it right! Look at the blue sky!

Seatallan 12

Middle Fell summit and my jaw on the floor!!

Seatallan 13

The view to Red Pike and Scoat Fell from Middle Fell

Seatallan 14

Seatallan (left) and Haycock from Middle Fell

Seatallan 15

Zooming in on Scafell Pike, Mickledore is the dip to the right and Broad Stand the vertical rock face on the right leading up to Scafell

Seatallan 16

Great Gable, Yewbarrow in the foreground

Seatallan 17

Distant Sellafield

Seatallan 18

What a view!

Seatallan 19

As I finally head down from Middle Fell I look across to Low Tarn and Red Pike

Seatallan 20

Greendale Tarn which feeds Greendale Gill

Seatallan 21

Kirk Fell in the sun and Great Gable behind looking as though it is on fire!!

Seatallan 22

Greendale Tarn backed by Middle Fell from the steep climb to Seatallan

Seatallan 23

Still a great view even from the climb to Seatallan

Seatallan 24

Scoat Tarn with Red Pike right and Scoat Fell left. Pillar in shadow behind

Seatallan 25


Seatallan 26

Haycock which is at the head of Blengdale

Seatallan 27

Seatallan summit

Seatallan 28

Summit trig and the Scafells

Seatallan 29

Cat Bields down to the right and the Irish Sea in the sunshine

Seatallan 30

Looking back to Seatallan from Cat Bields

Seatallan 31

Apart from Wainwright himself, Joss Naylor is the second most popular person to have walked these fells. This is his cairn

Seatallan 32

Joss Naylor Cairn and Middle Fell

Seatallan 33

Sunburst from Buckbarrow

Seatallan 34

Buckbarrow summit

Seatallan 35

And again with Cat Bields left and Seatallan right

Seatallan 36

I had to sit to take this shot from Buckbarrow Crags with all the wind. A lovely view along Wastwater to the Scafells. The car is parked down there on the bottom right of picture

Seatallan 37

Down at the road and walking back to the car. The Screes caught nicely in the afternoon light.


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