An evening around Peek Hill

This walk was done the same day as the previous walk around Lustleigh Cleave. The weather was good, the sun still shining and gave a good chance of decent sunset. This area around Peek Hill is fantastic for a sunset and an evening stroll, nothing too difficult in distance or gradient, but extensive views to the west and the best spot to see Burrator Reservoir. A short walk but a lovely evening.

Start – Sharpitor parking
Route – SharpitorPeek Hill – Sharpitor parking
Distance –  1 mile    Start time – 6.30pm     Time taken –  40 mins  Highest Point – Peek Hill 400metres
Weather – A sunny evening walk, some cloud, still quite warm

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

The mast at Princetown stands highest and in the sun on the slopes of Sharpitor

Sunburst to the west, with cloud to the north

As you reach Sharpitor the views down to Burrator open up

Fantastic light on Sharpitor

Looking north to the mast on North Hessary Tor

Looking to Down Tor as I walk to Peek Hill

A better view of Burrator from Peek Hill

Bit of zoom brings out the reflections on Burrator

Leather Tor on the left and the sunlight catching the tors to the north and east

Looking back to Sharpitor from Peek Hill

Into the sun

A Dartmoor watering hole beside the car park


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