Pre Christmas wander at Heybrook Bay

This isn’t a long walk, but looking back this is one I’ve done a few times with the boys. Its very easy (apart from the steps at the start!!) and the boys love the old swimming pool part down by the sea, overlooking The Mewstone. This was just a quick walk, with bad weather forecast across Christmas, we shot out whilst the weather was at least dry, even though the cloud was low. Plans are made for a post Christmas walk, probably from Cadover, so all I have to say is Merry Christmas to all the walkers out there, and I hope the festive period brings you good walking weather.

Down we head into Heybrook Bay. The steps head up past the large white house to the trees above

The Heybrook Bay MOD base at the top

Along the path towards the sea

First view of the Mewstone

Heading down to Wembury Point. The beach down of the right has the old Victorian swimming pool on it

The Rame peninsula in the far distance

Brotherly love as we walk the South West coastal path back to Heybrook Bay

One final look at the Mewstone

Nearly back at Heybrook Bay. It was good to see that both The Eddystone Pub in Heybrook Bay and the Mussel Inn in Down Thomas were both open again. We visited the Eddystone for a quick drink before heading back


2 thoughts on “Pre Christmas wander at Heybrook Bay

  1. Wishing you a merry Christmas too, Stephen.
    All we can hope for is that the weather at least is dry as you put it.
    I went along a Swedish coastline today. Very windy but no rain for an hour or so πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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