Great walk around Start Point with the boys

With the ticks that were involved in my last walk, I decided (and was told) to stay away from Dartmoor! The obvious choice is to therefore head to the coast. I’ve been to Start Point before however I haven’t walked the coast from there to Lannacombe Beach, so this walk sorts that out. The weather started as forecast with some cloud, in fact in spots the cloud was low enough to be down on the headlands around these parts. However the sun got going and burnt through, leaving blue skies and a very hot afternoon, which wasn’t forecast! Its a lovely corner of Devon with some fine lanes to walk away from the coast and some nice seaside villages, heading up towards Slapton Sands.

Start – Hallsands parking
Route – Hallsands village – Start Point parking – Start Point – The Narrows – Lannacombe Beach – Hollowcombe Head Cross – Hallsands
Distance – 4.5 miles    Start time – 1pm    Time taken – 2hrs 50mins    Highest Point – Start Point car park 103metres
Weather – Cloud to start. Then very sunny and hot


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The beach at Hallsands looking north

The beach of Hallsands again, the car is parked down there and we have climbed up to walk the coastal path along to Start Point

This is a ruined village at Hallsands. They had a large stony beach here which was dredged and taken to Plymouth to expand the dockyard there in 1890. There were 150 residents in 30 odd houses, a pub and a fishing community. In 1917 a strong storm, high tide and easterly wind battered the village. A few residents remained but the village was lost to the sea. The path on the right with the handrails was put in in the 1990s and shows how the sea is still hammering this place. The loss of the beach is seen as the key point to this disaster

The lighthouse at Start Point ahead, the cloud is still fairly thick at this point

But its clearing now as I look back across Start Bay

The walkers

Glorious across Start Bay and getting warmer

The south side of Start Point. Black Rocks to the right

Prawle Point, where I walked a few weeks ago, is over there on the left

More lovely beaches in coves along this section

Heading towards Lannacombe Beach

And here it is, Lannacombe Beach. We turn inland along the lane now

We had a bit of a head dunk in the stream to cool off. And enjoyed the shade as we walked along the lane

After a bit of a search I found out that this one was a Scarlet Tiger Moth

I climbed that hill rising in the distance on my walk around Prawle Point

Tortoiseshell butterfly

At Hollowcombe Head Cross, the masts up there are near to Start Point car park

Heading down to Hallsands

Mitsui OSK Lines is the MOL. One of those huge ocean going carriers heading along the channel

And back at Hallsands beach. It was a hot finish but a great walk

14 thoughts on “Great walk around Start Point with the boys

  1. Wow. The views of Start Bay are stunning. I’m amazed by how quiet the beaches were. We have more people on our ‘beach’ and it is not very sweet smelling mud. We haven’t visited the South-West since our kids were tiny – your tourist board should be subsidising your blog: I’m remembering how much I love the area.

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  2. Really loving your coastal walks. I know the north coast reasonably well as I tend to head there for the waves to surf my kayak so these are reminding just how stunning the south coast is.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The north coast is more rugged normally with a mix of dunes as well. I’ve enjoyed the south coast a lot this year. It going to take me a few years or ten but I plan on walking the whole coastal path. I’ve been to Cornwall today for another nice coastal bimble

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      • When we stayed in Lyme Regis a few years ago we walked two sections of the coastal path, one west and one east (over to Golden Cap) from Lyme and there were plenty of ups and downs, so I’m not surprised.

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