Short walk from home with the boys

I can’t remember the reason why we headed out on a Friday night for a walk, rather than a Saturday, it may have been Saturday’s weather forecast, either way this was a short walk from the house, across a few fields and back. Nothing difficult, but it was a chance to see the yellow fields of the oil seed rape, which I always enjoy seeing. This is an area that I wore a path in during the lockdowns, particularly the times where driving 5 miles was taboo, only to find me walking further than that on my circuits. A walk of not more than 2 miles, but one done at a slow pace as we discussed every subject, that came into our heads, at length.

Slightly earlier photo than normal, the leaves on the trees show it must be May now
Normal first photo position, the lack of cars in either of these photos is reminiscent of the lockdown times
Now setting out across the fields towards Hollacombe
Yellow everywhere across here as we look down towards Wembury in the distance
We’d walked the left hand side of the oil seed rape field over there, and then climbed to here
The southern edge of Dartmoor is in view here, think that is Western Beacon over there
There’s an electric fence between us and the bovine, this little one gave us a curious look
Now the fields up from my house were used extensively during WW2 to ward off the invading forces. Plymouth was one of the most bombed cities in the country due to the dockyard at Devonport, but places like these helped to draw fire away and take down the Luftwaffe
Staddy fields (Staddiscombe Fields), my go to during the lockdowns. I stomped the perimeters
Just to prove they did come with me, as we walk the bottom field back to the house, where crisps and a film lay in wait, pretty sure we went with Solo on this occasion, as we hadn’t seen it for a while
Looking down towards Coombe Farm and on to Western Beacon as we near home. Its a lovely little walk and one I should do a lot more in these lighter evenings.

3 thoughts on “Short walk from home with the boys

    • They look great close up and its always a pleasure to walk a path through them, we have quite a lot of the oil seed rape field down here, most have a path either alongside them of through them, which makes for some lovely photos

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  1. I’ve pretty much given up on walking from home for the summer. Too many overgrown stiles/nettles, fields of crops obscuring paths, and aggressive cows. Have to revert to cycling, picking up the walks when in the autumn, when of course those same paths will be mud baths.


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