Porthcothan, Trevose Head and Harlyn Bay

Having walked a fantastic section of the south Devon coastal path from Bigbury at the end of February, we were ready for another coastal outing. No doubt these walks will become more frequent in the summer, but by the start of April, this was only our second visit to some sea views. The north Cornwall coast has some fantastic walks and this is another. The beaches along this part are beautiful, but the walk start with a climb away from one of those beaches to an area of cliffs, steep sided coves, rocks plunging into the crashing waves and outcrops. Looking this part of the coast gives some fine photos, especially as the weather was very good along here, as we reached Treyarnon the cloud built overhead and we didn’t really see the sun again for the rest of the walk. Not that, that was an issue, Constantine Bay is stunning and just after that you pass the vertigo inducing Round Hole. Here the sea has worn a cave in under the cliff and a section has collapsed, leaving a round hole, you can still walk the circumference of the hole, including the section with the sea passing through it. There is another one as you walk towards Stepper Point marked on the map, so hopefully I will get to see another one of these as we continue along this part. It will be a pleasure to go back to Harlyn Bay as that looked to a be a lovely beach, however with the peak summer on it way these areas will get very busy and parking an expensive premium, we got lucky on this weekend as the car parking machines are only turned on at Easter, and being a week earlier than that we saved £8!! Places like Padstow may require a mortgage to park, but we have plenty of plans for coastal walking as we have booked to couple of Airbnb’s down at Lands End, to enable us to walk round from Penzance to Pendeen so we are both really looking forward to that at the end of June. Can’t wait.

Start – Porthcothan

Route – South West Coastal Path – Fox Cove – Warren Cove – Pepper Cove – Treyarnon Bay – Constantine Bay – Round Hole – Trevose Head – Mother Ivey’s Bay – Cataclews Point – Harlyn – Constantine Bay – Trevear – Carnevas – Porthcothan

Distance – 9.5 miles    Start time – 11am   Time taken – 5hrs 30mins Highest Point – Trevose Head 74 metres

Weather – Sunshine to start, clouded over

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Porthcothan Beach, the tide was out as we had started along the coastal path (heading up to the right here). We’d lucked in with the car parking, the machines were still out of order and only due to be switched on the week after our visit, £8 saved.
Gorgeous views across Porthcothan Beach to the Trescore Islands
Looking north towards Trevose Head, the two small islands off to the left are called Quies
There was a bit of a swell and plenty of white waves crashing against the rocks of the Trescore Islands and nearer Will’s Rock
Minnow’s Islands as we walk a section above coves, rocks and steep cliffs. Trevose Head again at the back
A small waterfall falling into the sea as we walk to Fox Cove
Fox Cove is down below me here to the left, as you can see the weather has clouded over and its looking a bit ragged and rough along the coast which is stretching away towards Newquay, Pentire Point is the furthest sliver of land that you can see
Treyarnon Bay is the nearest beach on the right and Constantine Bay can be seen behind that. Trevose Head gets nearer
Treyarnon Bay
And this is Constantine Bay looking back to the south, we walked the sand here as the path through the dunes didn’t seem to exist
We’d found a bench and had some lunch looking here across Constantine Bay and plenty of surfers out in the waves, or between the waves as many seemed to be, the wind was whipping up the tops of the waves across this bay
A message to you…
Climbing up towards Trevose Head away from Constantine Bay
Behind me is the Round Hole and the Quies islands are off Dinas head on the right
Round Hole and a steep drop
Linda admiring the view across Constantine Bay
Dinas Head, then the The Bull and the Quies further out
Trevose Head lighthouse
Heading around the headland now with Gulland Rock off to the left and Pentire Point across the bay
Heading down to Mother Ivey’s Bay now
The lifeboat station at Mother Ivey’s Bay with Merope Rocks acting like dragon’s teeth
Mother Ivey’s Bay and more stunning sandy beach
and around another headland to Harlyn Bay, we wouldn’t walk all the way across this one, instead we headed inland through the village
Trevose Golf Course as we walked the road passing Harlyn House. Trevose Head is at the back
All fields and farmland inland, the walk back is a mix of roads, Constantine Bay village and some fields/green paths
And before long we were back at Porthcothan Beach at the end of a lovely section of the coastal path, no real steep climbs here just lots and lots of coves and sandy beaches. If the sun shines this is a lovely part to walk.

7 thoughts on “Porthcothan, Trevose Head and Harlyn Bay

  1. A section of coast I know as well as any, camped around here many times and spent happy days on the beaches with the kids and surfing with the kayak. The stretch to the south of Treyarnon Bay is wonderful. When the tide us out there are limitless small coves and deep pools to explore, although getting down to the sand is a challenge. Brought back some happy memories this post

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