Aira Force and Gowbarrow Fell

Third day of our Lake District week and we’ve plumped for an easier walk with some interest for the boys. There had been rain overnight and Aira Force has been on my list for a while. So it was off to the Eastern Fells for a look at the waterfall plus a walk up Gowbarrow Fell, the only problem was that it was summer and lots of others had the same plan!! The lower car park was full but the High Force one was pretty empty so we ended up there and reversed the walk to the main waterfall before heading up to the summit. The boys put this one as their favourite walk of the week and I have to say it was mine too.

Start – High Force car park
Route – High Force – Aira Force – High Force – Gowbarrow Fell – High Force car park
Distance – 3 miles    Start time – 1.20pm     Time taken –  2hrs 40 mins    Highest Point – Gowbarrow Fell 481m
Weather – Sunny with lots of white fluffy clouds, very windy on the top
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Gowbarrow 1

Starting out from the car park you get this great view to Place Fell even before you’ve reached the High Force waterfall

Gowbarrow 2

High Force waterfall

Gowbarrow 3

The water continues to tumble down on its way to Aira Force

Gowbarrow 4

And on into a narrow cleft

Gowbarrow 5

Before it rushes under the bridge and over Aira Force, here looking down the waterfall

Gowbarrow 6

We make our way down, here the boys are infront of Aira Force

Gowbarrow 7

Its a lovely spot

Gowbarrow 8

Team selfie!

Gowbarrow 9

My eldest took this, zoomed in a bit on the bridge over the top of the waterfall

Gowbarrow 10

The rainbow produced by the falls

Gowbarrow 11

Back on the upper bridge now as we start up the eastern side of Aira Beck back up to High Force, we had walked down the western side.

Gowbarrow 12

Aira Beck as it cuts its way down the fellside

Gowbarrow 13

Back at High Force now, the bridge behind takes you across to the car park, we will stay this side of the beck and head for Gowbarrow Fell

Gowbarrow 14

The view as we start the climb, Ullswater just in view

Gowbarrow 15

Place Fell to the left of Ullswater with St Sunday Crag the bulky fell which looks as though its at the end of the lake (which it isn’t!!)

Gowbarrow 16

As you climb higher views to the north open up, with Blencathra the dark looking fell at the back

Gowbarrow 17

Views over the heather to the Eastern Fells

Gowbarrow 18

From the summit of Gowbarrow Fell it looks gorgeous across to High Street

Gowbarrow 19

Great Mell Fell and Little Mell Fell, left and right of Gowbarrow summit trig

Gowbarrow 20

The Northern Fells from Gowbarrow Fell

Gowbarrow 21

The northern end of Ullswater with Hallin Fell and the ridge around Loadpot Hill across the photo

Gowbarrow 22

It was blowing a bit here and the boys hide from the worst of it

Gowbarrow 23

All smiles at the summit

Gowbarrow 24

Time to head down the path

Gowbarrow 25

This path was our way up and ensures we end up at High Force whereas the other paths take up back down to Aira Falls

Gowbarrow 26

One last pose infront of Ullswater before we head too low to see it

Gowbarrow 27

Stunning scenery

Gowbarrow 28

One last one as we head through the gate to the car park


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