Wheal Betsy and the Willsworthy Firing Ranges

A few days after getting back from The Lakes and I still had a couple of extra days holiday. The weather had broken down south as well and the temperature were back to a normal 18-20degrees. A simple walk on the western side of Dartmoor seemed like a good idea, as long as the cloud stayed high enough not to envelope me. Both these hills are easy to link together and there are plenty of paths to explore to take you further should you fancy it. I always like to stop near to Wheal Betsy and have a coffee looking along the valley, a lovely spot. No firing today obviously, they tend not to do any in the summer holidays so it will be September now before the red flags fly again.

Start – Willsworthy Firing Range parking
Route – Gibbet Hill Wheal BetsyWillsworthy Firing RangeWhite Hill – Willsworthy Range parking
Distance – 5.5 miles    Start time – 11.20am     Time taken –  2hrs 15mins  Highest Point – White Hill 390metres
Weather – Mainly cloudy but dry

© Crown copyright 2018 Ordnance Survey FL 2018 SF

Gibbet Hill ahead and Brent Tor over on the right in the distance. There’s not too much up and down on this walk, its all fairly straight forward

Looking back to Great Nodden and the tors around Great Links Tor. The cloud was dropping all through the walk and then clearing again. A total change to the last 2 months or so

Gibbet Hill summit is soon reached. Cox Tor to the right of the trig point and White Tor to the left

The trig again with Brent Tor above it and Kit Hill in Cornwall to the left in the distance

Wheal Betsy

Inside Wheal Betsy engine house, it was famed for tin, lead and silver and the chimney leans at quite an angle. It has been standing here since the 1740s.

Cox Tor in the background with the valley and Wheal Betsy

Bit of zoom in to a murky looking Brent Tor and the church

Great Links Tor is almost out of the cloud, Great Nodden on the left. Brat Tor and Arms Tor in the centre

Into the firing range

This is it, the marker posts are at 100 yard intervals. Hare Tor has some wispy cloud hanging around its top

Targets on the right with the sandy bank catching the ammo behind

White Hill with Great Mis Tor, White Tor and Cox Tor on the horizon

Gibbet Hill down there on the left of the flag pole

Targets on tracks

The tracks are just up there and I guess they shoot from here

The sand bank is easily seen on the right as I walk back towards the car. Hare Tor across to Great Links Tor is beyond

Military Hut with Ger Tor at the back. Looks very menacing over there

Last part down to the car, with the tree filled Lyd valley in the centre of shot


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