8 tors around the roof of Devon

Good weather means good walks are possible. With the dry spell I decided to take the boys up to the highest point in Devon. In fact this is the highest spot in England, south of Derbyshire. We set out from the plentiful parking spots near to Rowtor, and took in 8 tors in total. 5 of these were new to the boys and they hadn’t been on Yes Tor and High Willhays for around 5 years now. So it was about time we got back up here, that time we set out from Meldon Reservoir and dropped back down to Fordsland Ledge and Black Tor on the return. We would stay to the eastern side of the Dartmoor high points this time, finding time to look and an old firing target railway on the way back. Despite the weather being overcast for the whole walk, this was a lot of fun and at around 7 miles was plenty for the boys. The army tracks around these parts make for quick progress to the tops and is a good way of getting youngsters to walk in this area.

Start – Rowtor parking
Route – RowtorWest Mill TorLittle Tor – Pixies Pool – Yes TorHampster TorHigh WillhaysFordsland LedgeDinger Tor – OP3 – Rowtor Target Railway – Rowtor parking
Distance – 7 miles    Start time – 11.30pm    Time taken – 4hrs   Highest Point – High Willhays 621 metres
Weather – Grey skies, cooler wind

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We’d left bright blue skies in Plymouth to be greeted by grey skies on North Dartmoor. Still the views are very good to East Mill Tor with Steeperton Tor back left

We are making our way up the short distance to Rowtor, here looking back to Belstone Tor

The boys on Rowtor, one in the bag already

West Mill Tor up on the left from Rowtor

They get there first proper look at north Dartmoor. The last time they were up here on Yes Tor the cloud was down and saw very little. Hangingstone Hill is right at the back. There are a couple of army vehicles down there, despite no flags flying there were a group of soldiers firing blanks and throwing smoke grenades around the target railway.

West Mill Tor now with that view again behind

The wiggling valley is the West Okement river as is feeds into Meldon Reservoir. North Devon’s patchwork of fields with Sourton Tor form the backdrop

Rowtor is below from West Mill Tor

East Mill Tor in the centre, with Steeperton Tor behind and Hangingstone Hill back right

My eldest on West Mill Tor with Yes Tor behind him

We are on Little Tor now, a small outcrop, but worth a visit for the improving views

The track behind us leads to the saddle below Yes Tor and is our way up

A bit a scramble up the front of Yes Tor, I decided to head around to the left and the grassy path

Military poles on Yes Tor, and a keen breeze, which we hid away from to have lunch

West Mill Tor down to the left with the huge bulk of Cosdon Hill back right

Yes Tor trig with High Willhays behind the boys on the left

On Hampster Tor which sits in between the two high points of the moor. Looking back to Yes Tor

High Willhays is a short distance away

The two highest boys in Devon. The cairn on High Willhays

From High Willhays looking south. Cut Hill and Great Kneeset on the left and Great Mis Tor is above the outcrop ahead.

Looking back to Hampster Tor and Yes Tor

The boys are off, heading to Fordsland Ledge

Fordsland Ledge and a wonderful view down to Lints Tor and the West Okement river

The hut on Fordsland Ledge looking north to Black Tor and the Devon countryside

Dinger Tor now with left to right, Cut Hill, Great Kneeset, Fur Tor, Great Mis Tor and Lynch Tor

All happy on Dinger Tor!! He wants to be heading back to the car now

Cosdon Hill looks huge at the back right from here, East Mill Tor and Belstone Tor to its left

Looking in the direction of Exmoor with Belstone Tor to the right

OP3 has been found by the boys

The track back to the car is a good one

Belstone Tor and Cosdon Hill

The shed housing the engine for the Rowtor target railway. West Mill Tor behind

The track runs for around 450metres

East Mill Tor over the cows as we near the car. Its been a great walk and I’m glad the boys got to see all of the north moor this time.

5 thoughts on “8 tors around the roof of Devon

  1. I should really head down and climb Dartmoor’s high point. Hadn’t realized it was the highest point south of the Peak District in England although obvious when you think about it! 😀

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    • There are plenty of good routes up to this one. I’d recommend the parking at Rowtor (as its free, unlike Meldon Reservoir which now has a parking meter). I’d add on West Mill Tor and Yes Tor as both are very good tors. Black Tor down in the West Okement valley is also a fantastic tor if you can get down there and then loop around to the car

      Liked by 1 person

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